Nov. 17, 2004


Officers attending: Cindy Beckett, President; Jackie Myers, Vice President; Fred Thomas, Secretary

Senators attending: Derek Allen, James Brooks, Susan Callender, Myra Grinner, Ryan Murphy, Amanda Romero, Tom Singer, Charles C. Williams, Marti Shapiro

Senators not attending: Frank Clay, Ellen Rosengarten, Marsha Wamsley

Others attending: Dona Fletcher, Ann Hall, Bill LeJeune, Laurel Mayer

 Cindy called the meeting to order at 2:36 in Room 6142.

1.      Approval of Minutes

Jackie moved to approve the minutes from Oct. 20 and Nov. 10 with minor corrections. The motion passed.

2.      Officer’s Report

2.1.           Instructional Council Meeting (Nov. 5)

Cindy reported that discussions in Instructional Council had included planned revisions to the processes for registration and grade reporting. Changes will include the option for faculty to submit grades electronically.

2.2.           Board of Trustees Meeting (Nov. 9)

Cindy reported that the Board of Trustees passed a second resolution charging the President to explore and develop partnerships and education centers in locations throughout the region. The Board also discussed the relationship between its broad policies and the more specific policies developed at other levels within Sinclair.

2.3.           Faculty Ratio Committee (Nov.1 5)

Cindy reported that during Fall 2004 61.8% of Sinclair’s instruction was provided by full-time faculty. The figure includes in-load and overload teaching by both tenure-track and ACFs as “full-time.” Special Adjuncts are counted as “part-time.” Broken out by division, the portion of teaching by full-time faculty was:

Fine and Performing Arts  54.0%
Liberal Arts and Sciences 62.4%
Business Technologies 61.8%
Engineering Technologies 65.8%
Allied Health Technologies 68.1%
Extended Learning & Human Services  55.2%

Dan Brazelton has noted that the utilization of part-time faculty seems low when compared to the number of officially approved part-time faculty. Amanda is a member of the Part-Time Faculty Committee and reported that they are working to clean up the official list. Chairs need to use the process for removing inactive faculty from the list.

2.4.           FITs Meeting  (Nov. 16)

Cindy reported that the FITs team has met with Michele Johnson, a consultant who is working on a benchmark model to compare Sinclair with other Ohio and League colleges and to consider alternative models of faculty performance management. Sinclair is one of relatively few colleges with a merit system and some schools completely separate faculty evaluation from pay raises. Ms Johnson is to submit a report in February.

Also, Tom McMullen of the Hayes Group is working on the issue of parity. He was part of the consulting team that established Sinclair’s current parity plan and is to submit a report by mid-April. Ann asked about possible difficulties in applying a non-academic model to Sinclair. Cindy replied that the Hayes Group now has more experience working in higher education than before. Mr. McMullen will be taking a broad look, to include benefits and range closure.

The FITs team has agreed that this year’s discussions will not include major changes to the benchmark system, since major changes would require more time.

Cindy reported that Jeff Boudouris is providing statistics on range closure that will soon be distributed to all full professors. There seems to be good progress on range closure. The breakout of PACE data by faculty rank was being done by Linda Rhoades and will not be available in the immediate future.

The ad hoc team reviewing merit (George Sehi, Al Giambrone, Cindy and Jackie) met over the summer to consider ways in which the merit process can be decentralized. At present, merit is limited to 55% of the tenure-track faculty, with 10% awarded at the division level and 45% at the college level. The team agreed to propose that 45% should be awarded at the division level and 10% at the college level. Under the proposal, division merit would be more standardized and broader in scope than at present and college-wide merit would still provide a “second chance” for faculty denied merit at the division level. The number of merit awards possible within each division would be proportional to the number of faculty. Jim, Amanda and Ryan asked if the 55% limit was on the table. Cindy replied that it was not discussed within the ad hoc team but that an increase could be considered under FITs. Fred asked about the time line for changes to the merit system. Cindy replied that it will not be implemented during 2004-05.

The merit proposal and range closure will be discussed at the Winter Faculty Assembly meeting, January 26th.

2.5.           Leadership Team (Nov. 17)

Cindy reported that the Leadership Team is working on a new organizational chart for Sinclair, including changes needed to handle likely expansion. Issues being considered include (1) a desire for more merging of academics and student services, perhaps under a Provost or Executive Vice President and (2) a need for more support in Human Resources, including more legal presence. President Johnson commented that for a college Sinclair’s size the administration is about one-third the usual size. Other ideas discussed at the leadership meeting included the possible replacement of department chairs with associate deans and/or program directors. Dona asked if the team also discussed possible increases in the number of faculty. Cindy answered that this was not part of the team’s agenda for the Nov. 17th meeting, but she also noted that replacing the current chairs with associate deans would free the current chairs for increased teaching.

3.      Committee Reports


4.      Special Orders


5.      Unfinished Business

5.1.           Office hours

Jim moved to approve the recommendation distributed earlier (attachment FSMA20041115-01) to revise the office hour policy (Handbook section 2.4.4). Tom seconded the motion. Jim reminded Senators of the discussion on this topic during the Senate meetings on May 19th and May 26th. Two goals of the proposed change are to expand the use of modern technology as an option for communicating with students during office hours and to make Sinclair a more attractive place to work, particularly for faculty who live at some distance from the campus. There was discussion about the verifiability of non-traditional office hours, and Tom described his experience in holding virtual office hours that are verifiable. After further discussion, Marti moved to table the motion until the next Senate meeting and Charlie seconded. The motion to table passed.

5.2.           Motion to contact an Attorney concerning handbook / faculty contracts

Fred suggested that the best time to consult an attorney would be after Senate receives Dr. Schuster’s report regarding possible changes to the handbook and contract procedures. Senate agreed to delay consideration of the pending motion until that time.

5.3.           Health Care Committee Nominees

Cindy asked Senators if they have identified candidates for service on the Health Care Committee. Cindy will send a notice to the faculty seeking additional volunteers.

6.      New Business

6.1.           Faculty Workload Proposal

In light of the time, Jim moved to table the Faculty Workload Proposal distributed earlier (attachment FSMA20041117-02). Marti seconded and the motion to table passed.

6.2.           Discussion of meeting with Dr. Schuster


6.3.           Comprehensive FPR Committee Membership

Cindy reported that the committee to review the faculty performance review system has not yet been fully formed. Current members include Charles Williams, Frieda Bennett, Barb Wallace and Kathleen Cleary. Tenure-track faculty representatives are still needed from LAS and EGR.

7.      Announcements

7.1.           Senate Schedule

Cindy said that Senate will meet on Jan. 12th and Jan. 19th and the Winter Faculty Assembly meeting will be held on Wednesday, Jan. 26th. She will post additional Senate meetings on alternate Wednesdays for the remainder of the quarter.

7.2.           President’s Open Meetings

Cindy encouraged Senators and other faculty to participate in the open meetings scheduled by President Johnson.


The meeting adjourned at 4:02.


Submitted by Fred Thomas

Approved by Senate, Jan. 12, 2005