May 26, 2004


Officers attending: Pam Chambers, President; Cindy Beckett, President Elect; Fred Thomas, Secretary

Senators attending: Susan Callender, Frank Clay, Myra Grinner, Jackie Myers, Nick Reeder, Charles Williams

Senators not attending: Jim Brooks, Kenneth Melendez, Shari Rethman, Ellen Rosengarten, Marti Shapiro, Marsha Wamsley

Others attending: None

Pam called the meeting to order at 2:50 in Room 6142

1.      Announcements

1.1.           Cindy reported that 174 tenure-track faculty voted in the election of Senate officers, which was enough to achieve a quorum. Jackie Myers was elected as Vice President and Mark Smith was selected as the alternate representative to Ohio Faculty Senate.

1.2.           Cindy expressed her strong recommendation that the election process be changed by next year to engage more faculty and to make the system more convenient for everyone involved. She suggested that biographies of the candidates be distributed in advance and that the voting be conducted online. At the same time, descriptions of the Senate committees could be distributed to encourage more faculty to volunteer for appointed positions.

1.3.           Pam reported that the Faculty Ratios team has been discussing its future. The team has fulfilled its initial charge of preparing a plan to phase out the use of Special Adjuncts, although it is now unclear when or if the plan will be implemented. At this point, the team is expecting to continue under a new charge.

2.      Minutes from May 19, 2004

Cindy moved to approve the minutes incorporating a minor correction recommended by Sarah Kiewitz. The motion passed. There was discussion about the role of executive sessions as part of Senate procedures. Several officers and Senators commented on the need to keep Senate meetings open while also providing for private discussions when appropriate.

3.      FITs Membership

Pam distributed materials submitted by faculty who had expressed their willingness to serve on the FITs team. After discussion, Eric Kraus was selected as a new member of the FITs team. Senate expressed its appreciation to Barb Wallace, who is completing her three-year term on the team.

Cindy led a discussion about future rotation of membership on the FITs team. It is important to maintain continuity while also insuring that the team is open to new insights.

4.      Office Hours

Pam reminded Senate about the recommendation to change Handbook section 2.4.4 on faculty office hours that was distributed by Jim on May 19th (attachment FSMA20040519-07A). Cindy made a motion that the proposal be tabled until Fall Quarter and Susan seconded the motion. Susan and others said that faculty had expressed concern regarding the proposed change and that it needs to be considered carefully. The motion to table the proposal passed.

5.      Senate Meeting Schedule

Pam briefly reviewed the potential business for Senate during the rest of Spring Quarter. After discussion, Senate agreed that it did not seem necessary to schedule meetings during the last two weeks of the quarter unless new issues arose either from FITs or from the Attorney Generalís review of the Faculty Handbook.

6.      Open Forum

6.1.           Cindy reported that she had worked with Mary Morrow and Marcena Smith on the changes to the Faculty Handbook that were being sent to the Board of Trustees for final approval. One change not previously considered by Senate concerns the procedure for administrative withdrawal of non-attending students.

6.2.           Senate thanked and applauded Pam for her service in the challenging and important role as President of Faculty Assembly and Faculty Senate.


The meeting adjourned at 4:05.


Submitted by Fred Thomas

Approved by Senate, June 2, 2004