April 13, 2005

Officers attending: Cindy Beckett, President; Jackie Myers, Vice President; Fred Thomas, Secretary

Senators attending: James Brooks, Frank Clay, Ryan Murphy, Amanda Romero, Art Ross, Marti Shapiro, Tom Singer, Charles C. Williams

Senators not attending: Derek Allen, Susan Callender, Myra Grinner, Marsha Wamsley,

Others attending: Jeff Boudouris, Dee Delaney, Jeanne Jacobs, Eric Kraus, Laurel Mayer, Anthony Ponder, Ned Young

Cindy called the special meeting to order at 3:33 in the Tartan Marketplace, Room A

1.        Announcements

Cindy led a brief discussion about the coming elections for Senators, President Elect, Secretary, and other positions. She emphasized that there are also many important appointed positions for which terms are expiring, including two faculty members of the FITs team. She strongly encouraged Senators to solicit names for both the elected and appointed positions.

Jim asked about ways of encouraging faculty to provide more detailed feedback on important issues, including FITs. He suggested that one mechanism might be an electronic survey to which faculty could respond point-by-point.

2.        FITs

Cindy welcomed the faculty and administrative members of the FITs team to the meeting. Faculty members are Cindy Beckett, Ned Young, Anthony Ponder and Eric Kraus. Administrative members are Jeanne Jacobs, Dee Delaney and Jeff Boudouris.

Ned summarized the current status of the FITs discussions. He noted that there is a long-term swell of faculty expectations meeting a very difficult financial environment for the College. He emphasized that the current FITs discussions aim to achieve a one-year agreement for 2005-06 while also establishing the foundation for broader changes to be implemented in 2006-07 and beyond.

Jeanne briefly reviewed the long-term efforts with respect to benchmarking and the broad reexamination of Sinclair’s compensation system, but emphasized that the focus of this meeting was to be progress towards a one-year agreement for 2006-07. Dee added that the Ohio budget is still not set and that salary data is not yet available from either AAUP or the Ohio benchmark colleges. Dee reiterated the need to simplify and improve Sinclair’s compensation system in substantial ways, recognizing that these more substantial systemic changes cannot be implemented before 2006-07

Cindy distributed a confidential projection of costs prepared by Jeff Boudouris based on faculty’s initial proposal for 2005-06. An extensive discussion followed about financial constraints and priorities.

The meeting adjourned at 5:10.

Submitted by Fred Thomas

Approved by Senate, April 20, 2005