March 20, 2002

Officers attending: Russ Marcks, President; Pam Chambers, Vice President; Fred Thomas, Secretary

Senators attending: Cindy Beckett, Forrest Cope, Roxann DeLaet, Rick Jurus, Kenneth Melendez, Bob Reas

Not attending: Susan Callender, Frank Clay, George Hageman, Ellen Rosengarten, Vann Rucker, Mike Smith

Others attending: Karen Blake, Ken Kimble, Laurel Mayer,

Russ called the meeting to order at 2:33 in room 6142.

1.      Minutes from March 6, 2002

The minutes were approved as distributed.

2.      FITs Report

Russ welcomed Ken Kimble, and asked him to report on the progress of the FITs discussions. Ken said that FITs is still collecting data with regard to the goals established three years ago of (a) achieving a competitive position among Ohio community colleges, and (b) achieving 115% of the average salary at Category III and IV institutions in the AAUP survey. At this point it appears that Sinclair's competitive position within Ohio has improved, however faculty at Columbus State and Cincinnati Tech have recently received substantial increases and their position in the ranking is not yet clear. Last year, Sinclair salaries were 111.9% of the AAUP average, and the AAUP data for the current year will not be available until approximately April 11th. Russ distributed a summary of AAUP data from 1983 -84 through 2000-01.

In accordance with the results of the faculty survey, the faculty FITs members will concentrate on salary, overload and summer pay. Faculty contributions to health care may also be a topic of discussion, along with faculty ratios, early buy-out, STRS contributions, parity, and other issues.

The Senate thanked Ken for his report, and he agreed to provide continuing updates.

3.      Report from President's Council (added agenda item)

Russ distributed the Collegewide Initiatives Matrix, which summarizes an important coordinated effort to achieve progress in major critical performance areas. Russ noted with regard to the matrix item on "average class size" that each increase of 0.1 in the average class size is expected to result in a saving to the College of $750,000. The College is seeking to increase average class size from its current value of 17.3 to 18.0.

Fred asked about the status and charge of the many teams described on the matrix. Russ, Pam and Laurel indicated that several of the teams continue existing efforts associated with Vanguard and other initiatives but that many of the teams are being restructured or newly formed.

Several Senators expressed their desire to communicate and coordinate with the teams working on these Collegewide initiatives.

4.      Results of the Opinion Poll

Fred distributed a summary of the results of the Faculty Senate Official Opinion Poll. (Also in Excel format). Russ noted that there is a slight discrepancy in the counts for Tenure-Track faculty, since there were 185 faculty participating but some items show one or two extra responses. The discrepancy does not seem to affect the results. Russ also referred to the transcript of written comments prepared by Cindy and Roxann and distributed early. It is clear that most tenure track faculty responding do not believe that ACFs or Special Adjuncts either are or should be members of the Assembly. It is not clear there is a two-thirds majority in favor of either suggested Constitutional amendment.

Cindy distributed a summary of themes identified from the written comments. She asked Senators to suggest other summaries, but said in her interpretation the main underlying theme from tenure-track faculty was workload and a belief that Sinclair needs more tenure-track faculty. The main theme from ACFs and Special Adjuncts was that they need representation to address inequalities and to give them a voice that is listened to and respected.

5.      Next Steps

There was a broad discussion about next steps, including possible amendments to the Constitution and other alternatives. Ken, Cindy, Fred and others suggested that it may be most productive to focus on the underlying problems of workload and alternative forms of representation for non-tenure-track faculty.

Senate agreed to distribute the poll results and the transcript of comments to all full-time faculty.

6.      Academic Policy

Deferred to next meeting.

7.      Open Forum

No items

The meeting adjourned at 4:02.

Submitted by Fred Thomas

Approved by Senate, April 10, 2002