Feb. 9, 2005


Officers attending: Cindy Beckett, President; Jackie Myers, Vice President; Fred Thomas, Secretary

Senators attending: Derek Allen, James Brooks, Susan Callender, Frank Clay, Ryan Murphy, Amanda Romero, Marti Shapiro, Tom Singer, Marsha Wamsley, Charles C. Williams

Senators not attending: Myra Grinner

Others attending: Dona Fletcher, Laurel Mayer, Jeff Miller

Cindy called the meeting to order at 2:30 in Room 6142

0.                  New Business (placed earlier in agenda to accommodate Jeff Miller)

Changes to Duplication Processes

Cindy welcomed Jeff Miller, who described Sinclair’s new procedures for submission of work to Central Duplicating. He explained that the new process will be more user-friendly and will provide users with more information about cost and delivery time. The new system will also improve the billing system, which is now done manually on a monthly basis. The new procedure uses computer forms that are mapped to resemble the current paper submission form.

Jeff demonstrated how the new system can be used to obtain cost estimates and how duplicating requests will be submitted. The form must be completed on-line. If the material to be duplicated is electronic (which generally gives the best quality), the entire process can be completed from the user’s computer. If the original is a hard copy, the process will produce a printed form with barcode for use in tracking the order. Clerical staff are still expected to be the main users of the system. Once the process is implemented, the current print forms will no longer be accepted; however, a computer will be available in Central Duplicating for walk-in users.

Cindy asked about the ability to preview electronic submissions, and Jeff replied that “print preview” should work for jobs printed to the document server just as it does for any other printer. Derek asked about the cost of duplicating, and Jeff replied that the cost is 2.5˘ per page in Central Duplicating as compared with 7˘ per page on photocopiers. Susan asked about turn-around time, and Jeff replied that 48 hours is the standard time, but Duplicating tries to meet users’ valid needs whenever possible, even if that requires outsourcing a job. Frank complimented Jeff on the overall improvements in duplicating services that have occurred in recent years.

1.                  Approval of Minutes

Marsha moved to approve the minutes from the Senate meeting of January 12th. The motion passed.

Tom moved to approve the minutes from the Senate meeting of January 19th with minor corrections suggested by Jim and others. The motion passed.

2.                  Officer’s Report

Office Hour Proposal

Cindy reported that the recommendation for a revised office hour policy approved by Senate on Feb.12th (attachment FSMA20050112-01) was returned to Senate for further study and benchmarking. One concern expressed by deans and others was that the proposed policy might not be sufficiently student friendly.

Dr. Jacob’s office will investigate office hour policies at other colleges, and Cindy will seek information through Ohio Faculty Senate. Cindy and Jackie shared a draft questionnaire that could be used to collect information from Sinclair students about the frequency and methods of their out-of-class communications with faculty. Senators provided several suggestions which Cindy and Jackie will use in revising the questionnaire.

3.                  Committee Reports


4.                  Unfinished Business

4.1.           Ellen’s Memorial

Cindy distributed information about pavers, and Dona made suggestions about possible wording.

4.2.           Health Care Benefits Committee Member

Frank moved to approve Ted Heckendorn of the Biology Department as a faculty representative on the Health Care Committee. The motion passed unanimously.

4.3.           FITs Membership

Cindy noted that the terms of Ned Young and Tony Ponder on the FITs team will be ending this year. Both have expressed interest in continuing.

4.4.           Merit Proposal Comments

Cindy reported that she and Jackie had conducted several open sessions to discuss the merit proposal, although faculty attendance has been limited. Cindy has also met with either the chairs or the full faculty of four out of Sinclair’s six divisions. One issue is that it may not be appropriate to implement any new merit policy in the 2005-06 Faculty Handbook since the period being evaluated has already begun.

5.                  Special Orders

Faculty Workload

Cindy reminded Senators of the proposal to modify the limits on maximum payload hours (attachment FSMA20041117-02) and distributed the results of a survey of department chairs on the issue (attachment FSMA20050209-01). She asked that Senators report on opinions within their division with a count of the numbers of faculty who expressed their opinion about changing the limit to 72 payhours.


Favor an increase in the limit to 72 payhours

Favor keeping the current limits

“On the fence”


No responses





















Department Chairs




Cindy said that since the current limits were initiated through the FITs discussions, it may be more appropriate to propose any possible changes through that group, rather than as a direct Senate recommendation for a Handbook change.

Tom and others said that consideration of possible changes to the payhour limit must be closely linked with consideration of possible changes in the 0.75 ratio now used for lab and clinical hours. Engineering, Allied Health and science departments would have difficulty staffing labs at a 1:1 ratio while staying within the current limits.

Workload will continue as an agenda item under “Special Orders.”

6.                  New Business

Moved to item “0” above.

7.                  Announcements

7.1.           Cindy reported that room 6142 will no longer be available for Senate meetings. Future meetings will be scheduled in one of the Tartan Marketplace meeting rooms.

7.2.           Amanda reported that Senator Myra Grinner has a new baby boy. Mother and son are doing well.

The meeting adjourned at 4:03.

Submitted by Fred Thomas

Approved by Senate Feb. 23, 2005