Faculty Senate Minutes

January 25, 2006


Call to order: Cindy called the meeting to order at 2:31 p.m. in the Alumni Room and declared a quorum.


Officers attending: Cindy Beckett, President; Nick Reeder, Vice President; Linda Pastore, Secretary


Senators attending: Marsha Wamsley, Jennifer Barr, Derek Allen, Tom Singer, James Houdeshell, Charles C. Williams, James Brooks, Mark Echtner, Amanda Romero, Art Ross, Moez Ben-Azzouz


Senators not attending: Mohamed Ali


Others attending: Laurel Mayer


1.Approval of Minutes


The minutes for the November 9, 2005 Senate meeting were approved with minor edits.


2.Officerís Report

Nick attended the Board of Trustees meeting.


3.Committee Reports

Nick reported that the Personnel Committee met at the request of a faculty member to review the faculty memberís FPR. The committee submitted findings to the office of the VPI.


Cindy discussed the possibility of recommending a change in the due dates for faculty submission of FPR, Merit, Tenure, etc. to match the new calendar.She will talk with Tom Huguley concerning the dates on the 2006-2007 ďAction Calendar.Ē


4.Special Orders



5.Unfinished Business

Discussed the process for approving guest speakers at Senate meetings. Cindy will send notice to Senators through email for approving guest speakers only for time-sensitive issues. Senators must respond to the email with a vote of yes or no.



Cindy gave an update on the Office Hour Proposal.

The Academic Policy Committee passed the first review of this proposal.The proposal now moves to the Instructional Council for the final review and approval.


Cindy sent forward Senateís recommendation for the start date of the 2006-2007 Academic Calendar. Faculty suggested that we begin the fall quarter on the Tuesday after Labor Day. At this time the 2006-2007 Academic Calendar has not been determined.


Cindy presented the idea of developing a task force to work on a retrenchment policy.She requested that Senators discuss possible membership with their divisions.

6.New Business

Senate discussed the following FITs questions:

With respect to the current faculty compensation structure for full-time and part-time personnel:

  1. What is currently working well with our structure?
  2. What is not working will with our structure?
  3. What guiding principles should be considered in designing a new system?
  4. What challenges do you think that the college will face in transitioning to a new structure?

Cindy will share her notes from this discussion with the other members of the FITs team.


After a brief discussion, Senate denied Kent Zimmermanís request for Senate to distribute and collect a survey concerning the service of the Help Desk.


Past Presidentís Party: Cindy and past Senate Presidents will meet to organize and clean the old Senate office. The purpose is to organize and store Senate documents.


Cindy asked Senate to think about agenda items for the winter and spring assembly meetings.She suggested that we have nominations for officers in the winter and elections in the spring.



Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 4:03 p.m.



Submitted by Linda Pastore

Approved by Senate: February 8, 2006