September 26, 2001

Officers attending: Russ Marcks, President; Pam Chambers, Vice President; Fred Thomas, Secretary

Senators attending: Cindy Beckett, Susan Callender, Frank Clay, Forrest Cope, Roxann DeLaet, George Hageman, Rick Jurus, Kenneth Melendez, Bob Reas, Ellen Rosengarten, Mike Smith, Karen Winston

Not attending:

Others attending: Karen Blake, Laurel Mayer, Gary Tucker

Russ called the meeting to order at 2:30. Senators and others attending introduced themselves.

1.      Review Matrix

Russ distributed the Matrix of Faculty-Administration Issues and a Summary of the Status of Senate Recommendations

a.      Faculty Training and Development

Senate needs to identify members for the new Faculty Development Advisory Council, which is replacing the Faculty Learning and Development Taskforce. Cindy Beckett volunteered. Russ asked other Senators to report back with names of other potential members.

b.      Special and Annually Contracted Faculty

Russ reported on continuing discussions with the VPI and others about Senate's pending recommendations to phase our Special Adjuncts and to convert ACF positions to tenure-track. Steve Johnson believes there ought to be between 10 and 30 ACFs. For the 2001-2 academic year, there will be 55 Special Adjuncts, 80 ACFs, and an increased number of tenure-track slots. In response to a question from Fred, Russ and Pam clarified that the issue was initiated by Senate in 1995 and is scheduled for resolution by June 2005.

c.      Faculty Workload

Russ and Cindy summarized the results of last year's workload questionnaire, which indicated that 68% of TT faculty want overload, mostly because of the income. Ned Sifferlen thinks faculty are working too hard and should be able to hold to 48 hours per year. Relatively few faculty felt pressured to teach overload, except in response to the needs of students.

Discussion focused on whether this is an isolated issue involving only some divisions or departments or whether it needs to continue as a Senate issue, and Senate decided that more information is needed. Russ will approach IPR about conducting a more comprehensive workload survey that will include committee work as well as overload and that will include ACF and SA faculty as well as tenure-track.

Russ pointed out that the following 3 items on the matrix are closely linked, all with scheduled resolution dates of March, 2002.

d.      Distance Learning Compensation

The primary difficulty is with teaching of modules, which are particularly common in CIS and BIS. Ken and others expressed the view that teaching 3 1-hour modules requires significantly more work than teaching a single 3-hour course.

e.      Distance Learning Policies

Major continuing issues include rotation of distance courses among faculty and the possibility of virtual office hours.

f.        Intellectual Property

The administration is reviewing Senate's proposals, and there will be a meeting soon with Jim Houdeshell, Russ and Pam. One area of disagreement is that Steve Johnson feels the use of Sinclair computers is more than an incidental use of Sinclair facilities and gives the College a claim to ownership of materials produced by faculty.

g.      Instructional Technology Support

Major problems continue this Fall in the College's technical support of on-line courses.

h.      Faculty Parity

The administration is looking at the cost of implementing Senate's proposal.

2.      ACF Issue to Assembly

Russ and Pam described the key issue as being a perceived conflict between the front of the Faculty Handbook (which states that only tenure-track faculty are members of Assembly) and the Assembly Constitution (which states that all full-time faculty are members of Assembly). They proposed that the issue of Adjunct and ACF membership be presented to the Assembly members this Fall for a single yes-or-no vote. Russ distributed two documents from last Fall's discussion, a diagram showing a possible limited role for adjuncts in the Assembly and a draft recommendation proposing full representation.

There was extensive discussion, including questions raised by Cindy about the feasibility of preparing a suitable proposal in time for presentation to Assembly this Fall. Fred distributed a press release about a national Campus Equity Week scheduled for Oct. 28 - Nov. 3, and indicated that the week was likely to include some events at Sinclair.

All Senators were asked to come prepared at the next Senate meeting to set directions for the Personnel Committee in proposing a solution.

3.      Change to Recommendation/Resolution Form


4.      Handbook Section 2.6.8

A paragraph on the process by which faculty provide input for their department chairperson's annual performance review (Handbook section 2.6.8, page 2, item 9) was accidentally omitted from the current edition of the Handbook. Senate agreed to recommend that the paragraph be restored to the Handbook. The restored paragraph reads in full:

9.    During the Fall term, each dean will notify the faculty in his/her division that those faculty who wish to provide input into the evaluation of their department chairperson should schedule an individual conference.  Following this conference, the faculty member may submit a written statement for the dean's consideration which will remain confidential unless it is used as evidence for a rating of Unsatisfactory on the chairperson's APR.

5.      Membership of Faculty Development Advisory Council

Considered under item 1a above.

6.      Membership of VPBO Search Committee


7.      Open Forum

Frank Clay told the Senate that Karen Blake's husband is among those being called to active military duty in response to the events of Sept. 11. The Senate expressed its gratitude and concern for him and for all others who are fulfilling similar missions.
Laurel Mayer expressed his concern about the on-going problems with technical support for web courses, which continue to cause major difficulties this quarter.

The meeting adjourned at 4:00.

Submitted by Fred Thomas, Oct. 1, 2001

Approved by Senate, Oct. 3, 2001