September 14, 2005


Officers attending: Cindy Beckett, President; Nick Reeder, Vice President; Linda Pastore, Secretary


Senators attending: Marsha Wamsley, Jennifer Barr, Derek Allen, Mohamed Ali, Tom Singer, James Houdeshell, Charles C. Williams, James Brooks, Mark Echtner, Art Ross, Moez Ben-Azzouz


Senators not attending:


Others attending: David Bodary, Connie Garrison, Marilyn Rodney, Dona Fletcher


Cindy called the meeting to order at approximately 2:40 in 7342, introductions of senate members followed.


1.  Approval of Minutes


          Minutes from May 25, 2005 were approved electronically June 2, 2005.


2.  Guest Speakers

  • David Bodary provided an update on Sinclair’s Honor Code.  Requested Senate’s help in getting information to faculty and help with hanging posters in classrooms. Also stated that faculty needs to speak with Janice Austen when students are in violation of Sinclair’s Honor Code.
  • Marilyn Rodney and Connie Garrison provided an overview on Service Learning. Also provided information and handouts for Make a Difference Day on October 22, 2005.  Requested senate’s help in sharing this information with our divisions.


3.  Officer’s Reports

Cindy and Nick attended the September Trustee’s Meeting.  Cindy shared information on the future Warren county campus. Instructional Council meeting is next week.


4.  Committee Reports



5.  Special Orders



6. Old Business


Discussion of rejected Office Hours Proposal:  Jim shared that this last draft came the closest to passing by the Academic Policies Committee last spring.  Requested help with revising this proposal. Charlie and Cindy will work on a revision to bring back to senate.


Discussion of Ellen Rosengarten’s memory stone: Ellen Rosengarten Dedicated Faculty 


Discussion of New Academic Calendar:

Issues:  Need to have a consistent number of days in each quarter. Need more time between Spring and Winter quarters. 

Cindy has had only a few comments, all have been positive.


7.  New Business

Discussion of faculty addressing senate:

Do we want to be a forum for campus groups?

Should we allow groups (15) minutes at each meeting?

Should there be a proposal process?


Discussed Faculty Senate Matrix and what items have been completed. (See Faculty Senate Matrix of Issues September 2005)


Discussion of Personnel Committee:

Nick will chair and requested other members. Marsha and Moez will serve.


Discussion of Class Hours and Scheduling: Concerns were raised about revisions to the Class Scheduling Guidelines 2.11.12 and whether Senate discussed the changes adequately before they were entered into the Handbook. After a short discussion, senators concluded that these are only guidelines, so chairs would schedule as they have always done, with the goal being efficient room utilization.


Cindy will have a discussion with Jeanne Jacobs concerning current matrices.


Issue: Being excused from graduation.

How mandatory attendance and being excused are determined?

Should this go on the matrix?

Special order for next meeting: Mandatory Participation Policy, Motion Amanda, Second, Nick.  Passed.


Dona Fletcher requested that a chair position be added to the voting members of faculty senate.  This would need a constitutional change. Dona suggested that this would solidify a partnership between senate and chairs.  The goal would be that chairs and faculty would be speaking on the same issues. There needs to be follow-up discussion. This should be a special order for next meeting.

Also requested that a chair be on the FITS team.  Currently there is nothing written on who should be on FITS team.

Discussion: Could we have a faculty sit on chair council?  Are chairs looking at reorganization?


The meeting was adjourned at 4:30


Submitted by Linda Pastore

Approved by Senate, September 28, 2005