Faculty Senate Minutes

                                                      September 26, 2007


Officers attending:  Nick Reeder, President; William Boyko, Vice President; Susan Callender, Secretary


Senators attending:  Cindy Schoonover, Georgann Enright, Derek Allen, Jim Shimko,

Dave Stover, Moez Ben-azzouz, Tom Singer, Eric Kraus, Nolan Long, Luis Gonzalez,

Amanda Romero


Others attending:  Laurel Mayer, Shari Rethman, Billie Sanders


Nick called the meeting to order at 2:30 in Rm. 7342


  1. Approval of Minutes


Minutes for the Faculty Assembly meeting of September 4, 2007 and the Faculty Senate meeting of September 12, 2007 were approved.



     2.  President’s Report


Nick reported that the Sinclair Faculty Association fund has approximately $3,700.00. 

He also gave a summary of the September 19th meeting with Dr. Grove, which

prompted the following discussions.  Senators noted that there were disconnected aspects of the                    Distance Learning policies, and they were in agreement that the Distance Learning policies should be in writing and consistently implemented.  There was also agreement that the Faculty Handbook’s section dealing with on line testing should be revised.



 The Ad Hoc team, (Moez Ben-azzouz, Jim Shimko, Eric Kraus), will devise strategies to deal with Distance Learning issues.  Board Committee meetings continue to be closed.  **A Motion passed to postpone a decision on this matter until the next Senate meeting. 

Dr. Grove has suggested that the revising of the Faculty Handbook begin winter quarter 2008.  She agreed that faculty members should comprise the majority of the committee; release time will be given to the faculty members participating.  The Senators exchanged ideas on the process of revising the Faculty Handbook and how it would be ratified.  All  Senators agreed that legal expertise

in this special area of law would be needed.  ** A Motion passed recommending that the faculty members of the committee be appointed by Faculty Senate, and recommending that the   Administration pay for a Senate attorney to assist the faculty in revising the Faculty Handbook by identifying sections in the Handbook that are legally important, but currently use language that is vague and misleading.

3.  New Business

Nick distributed a copy of the Faculty-Administration Issues matrix, which has not been updated for at least two years.  Dr. Grove has asked that it be updated; Nick asked Senators to review it in preparation for the discussion at Senate’s next meeting.

It was decided that faculty would be surveyed on their interest in having a session on the pros and cons of collective bargaining.  Nick will announce the results at the next meeting.

**  A Motion passed to postpone a vote recommending that Faculty Learning day be abolished, until more feedback is received.

**A Motion passed recommending that the Merit Committee interpret the merit policy as it was interpreted last year, that faculty retiring in December be eligible to apply for merit.


The meeting adjourned at 3:45 pm.


Next meeting October 17, 2007, Rm. 7342, 2:30pm.