Faculty Senate Minutes

                                                    May 21, 2008


Officers Attending:  Nick Reeder, President; Bill Boyko, Vice-President; Susan Callender, Secretary


Senators attending:  Luis Gonzalez, Nolan Long, Eric Kraus, Dave Stover, Tom Singer, Jim Shimko, Derek Allen, Cindy Schoonover, Georgann Enright


Senators not attending:  Moez Ben-azzouz, Amanda Romero


Others attending:  Billie Sanders, Laurel Meyer, Karl Hess, Ken Kohlenberg



Nick called the meeting to order at 2:30 in rm. 7-L21


1.  Approval of the Minutes

     Spring  Faculty Assembly Minutes were approved; Faculty Senate

     Minutes for May 7, 2008 were approved with corrections.


2.  PresidentŐs Report

     Nick summarized the May 14th Provost/ Senate officers meeting. Dr. Grove agreed 

     with the idea of faculty evaluations of chairs and deans. Regarding collective

     bargaining sessions at the Faculty Learning Day, Dr. Grove felt that the sessions

     should focus more on teaching and learning.  However, she recognized that in the

     past many sessions have not done so.  She also felt that faculty should be

     primarily responsible for the planning of Faculty Learning Day.


     Nick noted that he contacted Walt Davis and Kelly Joplin, the co-chairs of the

     planning committee for Faculty Learning Day; he asked them about scheduling

     faculty information sessions on collective bargaining and college governance models.

     The co-chairs denied the senateŐs request.

     Nick gave the current status of the faculty vote on the Constitution/Bylaw vote.

     *Motion: To reopen faculty voting on these two issues until May 30th at 12:00 p.m.

     The Motion passed.

     *Motion: To reappoint Tom Singer and Ned Young to

     three year terms as members of  FIT.  The Motion passed.


     Nick also reminded senators of the upcoming Board meetings. Bill Boyko will attend

     the June 3rd, Strategic Linkages Committee meeting; Karl Hess and Eric Kraus will

     attend the June 4th Finance Committee meeting; Laurel Mayer, Nick Reeder and

     Ken Kohlenberg will attend the June 10th Full Board meeting.  




3.  Unfinished Business

     Senators discussed a number of possible fall quarter dates and locations for the

     faculty information sessions on collective bargaining and governance. Senators

     agreed that the senate would send the Faculty Learning Day committee a

     recommendation. Since the majority of faculty requested the information

     sessions on collective bargaining and governance, the Faculty Senate recommends 

     that Faculty Learning day include one morning session and one afternoon session.

     The faculty survey responses are the rationale for the recommendation.

     Senators discussed the academic calendar options sent by Mary Gaier. *Motion:

     that option B with the Learning Day scheduled for September 8th be used.

     The Motion passed.

     *Motion: that the recommendation concerning the evaluation of chairs and deans

     be sent to Dr. Grove.  The Motion passed.




     The meeting adjourned at 4:15.


     The next senate meeting will be Wednesday, June 4, 2008 at 2:30 in rm. 7-L21.