Faculty Senate Minutes

                                                    April 9, 2008


Officers attending:  Nick Reeder, President; Bill Boyko, Vice-President; Susan Callender,



Senators attending:  Luis Gonzalez, Nolan Long, Amanda Romero, Eric Kraus, Moez Ben-azzouz, Tom Singer, Jim Shimko, Derek Allen, Cindy Schoonover, Georgann Enright


Senators not attending:  Dave Stover


Others attending:  Billie Sanders, Shari Rethman


Nick called the meeting to order at 2:30 in rm. 7-L21


    1.  Approval of the Minutes

         Faculty Senate Minutes for March 12, 2008 were approved with revision.


    2.  President’s Report


         Nick announced the visitors invited to senate during spring quarter.  They

         are:  April 23, 2008, Julie Schmid and Paul Davis from AAUP; May 7, 2008, Dean

Cole, Gwendolyn Jones, Brenda Seufert will attend senate to discuss the Student      Judicial affairs process. Dr. Saundra Schuster will also attend the May 7 senate meeting to discuss Sinclair’s recently formed Behavior Assessment Team.  Nick asked senators to read the Student Judicial Affairs Handbook prior to the May 7 meeting.  Nick reviewed the senate positions that will be open for spring elections.  The senators agreed that the spring elections will be conducted according to the current Faculty Handbook. When the Handbook is revised, the Elections Committee of Faculty Assembly will adhere to whatever changes are made.  The Elections Committee of Faculty Assembly members are:  Bill Boyko, Georgann Enright, Barb Tollinger, Charlie Setterfield, Patti Fernandez and Bob Coates.


Amanda Romero gave a summary of the March 25 Board meeting she attended;

Luis Gonzales gave a summary of the AAUP annual conference he recently

attended. Shari Rethman volunteered to represent senate at a Textbook Affordability Symposium on April 29, 2008 from 10:00 to 3:00 at Columbus State College. The symposium is being sponsored by the Governor and the Chancellor.  The invitation was extended to senate by Tom Huguley.


Nick summarized the March 13 Academic Policies Committee meeting:  the

committee approved the Math Department’s recommendation “that math placement

tests (when used to waive math prerequisites), and prerequisite course for math

courses, be required to be completed not more than one year prior to the

beginning of the course for which they are the prerequisite.”  The senators agreed.

Nick also summarized the April 4 Instructional Council meeting:  Installation of

magnets on fire doors will begin Monday, April 7.  Buildings 1 through 7 will be

completed in numerical order.  Most work will take place at night.  Estimated

completion will be in December 2008.


Nick suggested that a group of senators form an action plan for the fall 2008,

faculty information sessions on various college governance models.  *Motion:

Select one senator to coordinate the information sessions and to keep senate abreast

of their progress: senate will have the responsibility to agree or disagree with

the recommendations. *Motion passed.  Luis Gonzalez agreed to be the coordinator

of the information sessions; Derek Allen volunteered to assist Luis.



The meeting adjourned at 4:10.


The next senate meeting will be Wednesday, April 23, 2008 at 2:30 in rm. 7L21.