Spring Faculty Assembly

                                                        April 30, 2008


Officers attending:  Nick Reeder, President; Bill Boyko, Vice-President; Susan Callender, Secretary


Nick opened the meeting at 3:00.


Bill Boyko, Chair of the Elections Committee opened the floor for nominations: President, Vice-President, and Secretary.  Nick provided a summary of the responsibilities for the office of Senate President.  He also noted that the quarterly reassigned time for the President is 5 hours; for the Vice-President it is 3 hours, and for the Secretary it is 2 hours.  Ken Kohlenberg accepted the nomination for President; Karl Hess accepted the nomination for Vice-President.  Voting will be online.


Nick urged the faculty to vote concerning the change in the constitution and bylaws.  The voting is for two separate issues:  3 faculty senators per division instead of the current 2, and a 3 year term for faculty senators, rather than the current 2 year term.

Nick also noted that Dr. Fingerhut is encouraging (where applicable) four year colleges and universities, as well as community colleges to change from a quarter to a semester system.


Ken Kohlenberg represented the Faculty Handbook Committee. He briefly discussed the committee’s progress. The committee has a draft of the Faculty Handbook Policy Statement and a 20 page packet consisting of their work thus far.  These will be electronically available to faculty before the end of spring term, and Ken urged faculty to read the information and send their comments and suggestions to the committee.  The Faculty Handbook Committee members: Roxann Delaet, Mike Brigner, Jennifer Wise, Ken Kohlenberg, Kathleen Cleary, Walt Davis


Luis Gonzales provided a preliminary draft of the faculty information sessions on faculty governance models, which will be scheduled for early fall quarter.


Moez Ben-azzouz represented the Distance Learning Committee.  Moez summarized the meeting senate had with Dr. Grove and Dr. Thibeault.  The Distance Learning committee feels there should be more effective methods of assessing the quality of current online courses; more proctored testing is needed, as well as data on the transferability of online courses.  He also noted that the consultants report on SCC Distance Learning did not endorse the 30/70 ratio of full time to part time faculty. Members of the Distance Learning Committee:  Jim Shimko, Eric Kraus, Moez Ben-azzouz


Ned Young represented the Faculty Issues Team (FITS).  Ned reported that the college  held focus groups on several voluntary-separation plans that are being considered.  All faculty members who have 25 years or more of service were invited to participate in these focus groups.  Members of FITS:  Ned Young, Jackie Meyers, Tom Singer, Nick Reeder, Eric Kraus



The meeting adjourned at 4:45.