Faculty Senate Minutes


                                                  February 13, 2008



Officers attending: Nick Reeder, President; William Boyko, Vice-President; Susan Callender, Secretary


Senators attending:  Nolan Long, Amanda Romero, Eric Kraus, Moez Ben-azzouz, Dave

Stover, Tom Singer, Jim  Shimko, Georgann Enright, Cindy Schoonover


Senators not attending: Luis Gonzalez, Derek Allen


Others attending:  Gary Honnert



Nick called the meeting to order at 2:30 p.m. in room 7342


1.  Approval of Minutes


      Minutes for the Faculty Senate meeting of January 30, 2008 were approved with



2.  Gary Honnert, Director of Internal College Communication summarized a number of

      his responsibilities in this new position. 


3.  President’s Report


     Nick reviewed some of the points discussed in the senate officers’ biweekly meeting

     with Dr. Grove.  Dr. Grove will schedule a meeting with the Retrenchment

     Committee.  There was also a discussion on how to assess the learning success of

     online courses that traditionally require live laboratory training. Dr. Grove  noted 

     that faculty as a group was generally under represented as volunteers for the levy

     campaign.  Some discussion followed.


     Nick contacted Cindy Beckett, Chair of the Faculty Performance Review Revision

     Committee; she agreed to provide senate  with a regular update on the committee’s











  4.  Distance Learning Report


       Jim Shimko, Eric Kraus and Moez Ben-azzouz discussed the survey distributed by

       the external review team for Distance Learning.  It was stressed that input from

       faculty expressing their concerns about any facet of Distance Learning is very

       important. Two examples of faculty concerns are the reduction of proctored exams

      and whether departments, in some instances should be allowed to professionally

      decide if a particular course should be taught online.  Senators were asked to contact

      their constituents and encourage them to share their concerns. Moez commented on

      various troublesome areas in the external distance Learning report.



    The meeting adjourned at 4:10


    The next Senate meeting will be February 27, 2008 at 2:30 in room 7342