Winter Faculty Assembly Minutes

                                                     February 6, 2008


Officers attending:  Nick Reeder, President; William Boyko, Vice President; Susan Callender, Secretary



Nick called the meeting to order at 3:00 in room 4011


Woody Woodruff summarized the process, thus far completed concerning the fire doors.  The decision has been made on how the doors will be modified.  The proposal for modifying the doors will be presented at the March 2008 Board meeting.  Upon approval, construction will begin in April; the estimated completion date is December 2008.


PresidentŐs Report


Nick thanked David Bodary for the excellent presentation he gave representing the faculty at the winter Board Advance Retreat.


Nick noted that Faculty Senate is recommending that the Assembly revise a section of the constitution and bylaws.  Faculty will receive the proposed wording via email.  Discussion will be held during the spring assembly, followed by online voting.


Nick also summarized a report presented by the ad hoc Committee on Governance Models at the January 30, 2008 Senate meeting. The report provided an overview of five alternative governance models used in colleges.  The committee members are:  Cindy Schoonover, William Boyko, Tom Singer and Shari Rethman.


Roxann Delaet and Ken Kohlenberg represented the Faculty Handbook Revision Committee. They explained that the revision process may continue beyond spring quarter; the goal is to produce a well structured, legally sound document. The committee will be posting information on the faculty assembly web site.


Eric Kraus represented SenateŐs ad hoc Committee on Distance Learning.  Eric urged the faculty to read the external review report of Distance Learning; it is available on the faculty assembly web site.  In addition, Eric noted three major areas of concern regarding the external review report. The three areas are:  only 18% of the faculty responded to the online survey; AdministrationŐs objective to achieve a 30/70 ratio of full time to part time faculty teaching online courses, and the continued initiative by Distance Learning to shift from proctored exams to alternate testing/assessment methods. The committee members are: Moez Ben-azzouz, Jim Shimko and Eric Kraus.


Ned Young represented the Faculty Issues Team and reminded faculty that we are in the first year of the three year salary agreement. Ned said the goal is to increase the average faculty salary from $58,058.00 to $69,000.00.  The base salary increase is 5.0% in 07-08, 6.5% in 08-09 and 6.5% in 09-10.  Also, ½ of the merit pool had been diverted to base salaries.  Currently the Merit Award is $1,825.00; Merit to base is $730.00 and promotions are $3,650.00. Faculty questions and comments and discussion followed each of NedŐs points.  The Faculty Issues Team members are:  Nick Reeder, Ned Young, Jackie Myers, Eric Kraus and Tom Singer.



The meeting adjourned at 4:30