Leadership Sinclair

Leadership Sinclair: Creating Excellent Outcomes (CEO)

The Leadership Sinclair, CEO program provides participants with an opportunity to learn skills for serving in a campus leadership position. 

The goal of Leadership Sinclair, CEO is to teach students the needed skills and eperiences that will enable them to lead more effectively within the college, community and workplace.  Any student enrolled in a minimum of six (six) credit hours, in good academic standing, and maintaining a 2.0 GPA is eligible for application to Leadership Sinclair.

Students involved in this program are provided the opportunity to see leaders at the local, state and federal levels in action, take courses and workshops to develop their leadership skills, and complete an internship with leaders in the community. 

Each student develops a personal Leader Portfolio and receives a certificate of completion for the one or two-year Leadership Sinclair, CEO program. 

Students interested in this program should contact the Student Activities Office located in Building 8, Room 8025, phone (937)512-2509 for an application.