Holocaust Remembrance and Education

The Holocaust is now more than half a century in the past - but it is still very much with us, in the way it has affected the children and grandchildren of its victims and of others connected with one of the most horrific events in world history.

The Sinclair Holocaust Remembrance Committee was formed in 1987. Its purpose was:

  • to encourage the study of the Holocaust
  • to foster understanding between different cultures
  • to work against racism and ethnic prejudice. 

Since its inception this committee annually brings quality speakers and programs to Sinclair to achieve its purpose.

This year's theme is "Spirit of Survival"

Several events this spring will focus on those that survived the Holocaust.   

Keynote address: Room 14-130 (the "Forum")  on Thursday April 4th at 12:30PM. 

Mr. Sam Heider:

Sam Heider was born in 1924 in the small village of Biejkow, one of six children of Yankel and Chaja Hajder. Unlike most Polish Jews, the Hajders had been farmers for generations and owned their own land. In 1941 the farm was confiscated by the German occupation forces, and the family moved to the ghetto in nearby Bialobrzegi. In 1942 the ghetto was liquidated, and Sam’s parents went to their deaths at Treblinka. Sam survived because he was in a work camp at Radom. All he had left of his family was a photograph of his sister, which — remarkably — he was able to keep with him by hiding it under his arm, even in the showers. He still has the photograph. Sam and his wife, Phyllis, also a survivor, have three children and five grandchildren.

This event is free and open to the public.

You can see an interview with Sam Heider on Dayton Holocaust Resource Center's Youtube pages - click here.

Other events:

Workshop for Teachers and Education Majors

Three concurrent workshops on teaching about the Holocaust: Renate Frydman on her experiences in the field; Anna Bucy on bullying; and Diana Barr on practical classroom applications.

4 PM Thursday, April 11, Building 7 (parking passes provided)

Registration required: contact thomas.martin6057@sinclair.edu


 Sinclair Talks:

Renate Frydman, a Survivor’s Story

April 15, 2:00 PM, Library Loggia



Season of Nonviolence, co-sponsored by the Holocaust Committee:

Ariel Lucky, Hip Hop Artist

Friday, March 15, 1-3 PM

Building 8 Stage Area

see a Youtube video here



Campus Ministry Yom haShoah Commemoration

Tuesday, April 9, Library Loggia, at noon

for more information contact barbara.battin@sinclair.edu)


You might also like to learn more about the Dayton Holocaust Resource Center, the primary Holocaust-education institution in this area.