Officer and Hallmark chairperson elections will be held the last meeting of the fall quarter.  Serving as a chapter officer is an excellent, educational and rewarding experience. If you have an interest in running for any of the offices below, please contact chapter advisors, Myra Bozeman or Jamie Fries. Listed below are descriptions of each office and its responsibilities. This information is directly from the Nu Pi chapter by-laws and the Chapter Resource Manual.

All Officers must meet and maintain the following:

  • All officers must be members of Phi Theta Kappa, in good standing. They must maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.5, and fulfill the duties for the position they hold.
  • Term limits are established for each officer’s position. They shall be no more than two (2) years per each office.  A term is defined as a fiscal year starting with fall quarter and ending with the following (not the next) winter quarter.
  • Each officer is required to attend at least one business meeting per month.
  • Nu Pi Chapter has four (4) standing Committee Chairs each representing one of the Hallmarks; Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Fellowship. The members filling each of these posts are responsible for organizing and documenting at least two (2) events that fulfill the international requirements for that year’s Honor Study Topic. They may volunteer to hold this post or the President can appoint a member to aid in fulfilling these requirements.

Member Elected Positions


  1. Preside over all business meetings.
  2. Appoint and establish any necessary committees.
  3. Vote only in case of a tie.
  4. Serve as an ex-officio member on all committees.
  5. Plan and coordinate Nu Pi Chapter objectives with the faculty advisor(s).
  6. Present business to the organization.
  7. Represent the organization at all times.
  8. Appoint a committee to review and/or revise, if needed, the chapter by-laws.
  9. Appoint a committee tp prepare the annual report to be sent to headquarters each spring.

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First Vice President (Hallmarks):

  1. Perform all duties of the president in the event of his or her absence.
  2. Take roll call at the meetings.
  3. Coordinate all committees.
  4. Head the committee reviewing the chapter by-laws and the annual report.
  5. Act as Program Development Chairperson.
  6. Represent Nu Pi at all Student Government meetings.
  7. Act as chapter representative on committee to plan the Student Appreciation Dinner with SGA, Ohio Fellows, The Clarion and Student Learning.

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Second Vice President (Membership):

  1. Perform all duties of the first vice president in the event of his or her absence.
  2. Keep accurate records of all Provisional Members.
  3. Chair new member orientations.
  4. Chair Induction Ceremonies.

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  1. Open and/or maintain a bank account for Nu Pi.
  2. Receive all money and write all checks.
  3. Keep accurate records of all members accounts.
  4. Keep a set of books, which shall be audited by the chapter advisor and notarized before the office is relinquished each year.
  5. Give a report of finances at each business meeting.
  6. Submit a monthly income and expense report to the faculty advisor(s).

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Recording Secretary:

  1. Take and read minutes of all meetings.
  2. Maintian records of the meetings.
  3. Maintain a file of chapter correspondence.
  4. Serve on the committee to prepare the annual report to be sent to headquarters each spring.
  5. Disseminate publicity information on chapter activites; via bulletin boards or the college newpaper The Clarion.
  6. Be responsible for the three chapter bulletin boards. (Buildings 1, 5, and 10 all on the 3rd floor)

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Public Information Officer/Historian:

  1. Keep a record of all chapter functions.
  2. Prepare and maintain the chapter scrapbook for regional, state, and international meeitngs and conventions.
  3. Publish The Hallmark newsletter for the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters.
  4. Ensure photographs are taken of all chapter events and functions other than business meetings.

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Appointed Positions

Scholarship Chairperson:

  1. Attend the annual Honors Institute, if college/chapter funds allow.
  2. Responsible for the chapter's implementation of the Honors Study Topic and faculty and student recognition programs.
  3. Provide information to members regarding scholarship opprotunities.
  4. Oversee any chapter-sponsored scholarships.

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Leadership Chairperson:

  1. Responsible for the coordination of officer elections. This includes ensuring proper procedures are followed in the next officer election and planning officer training.
  2. Responsible for planning any chapter-sponsored leadership activities for the chapter, campus, and/or community.

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Service Chairperson:

  1. Responsible for overseeing implementation of the Society's International Sevice Program and any other selected service activities.
  2. Maintain a liaison with the appropiate college and community officials to facilitate all chapter service projects on campus and in the community.

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Fellowship Chairperson:

  1. Responsible for implementing the chapter's social activities, arranging fellowship meetings with other chapters, and coordinating travel to official Phi Theta Kappa functions (with the advisor's supervision).
  2. Maintain relationships with other organizations and faculty on campus and forge ties with the community surrounding the college.

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Please consider running for an office. We look forward to your nominations!