Urban African American Mentor Program (UAAMP)

The Urban African American Mentoring Program is designed to support students by building relationships with a mentor team in order to help students achieve their personal and academic goals.

Summary 2009-2010The first year of the pilot focused on full-time African-American students (both men and women) beginning their second year at Sinclair, with a minimum GPA of 2.0. Students who were eligible for the program were contacted by letter during the summer. Thirty-two students agreed to participate in the program. Each student was paired with a mentor team which consisted of (1) full-time faculty member and (1) full-time staff member (64 mentors). Faculty and staff mentors attended a fall orientation.  The program officially began with a kick-off luncheon sponsored by President Johnson for mentors and mentees.

The following was a list of the expectations for the mentors:

  • Build relationships with co-mentor and mentee.
  • Weekly contacts with mentee through email, phone, texting, face-to-face, etc.
  • Attend (1) cultural activity with your mentee each quarter.
  • Read Privilege, Power, and Difference by Allan Johnson and attend (1) discussion session.
  • Complete end of quarter assessments.

Student Outcomes for 2009-2010:  The goal for the program was to retain each student through the academic year and to enroll in fall 2010. 

Fall 2009-Fall 2010

Enrollment, GPA, & Credentials Earned :
UAAMP Program Participants and Eligible Non-Participants

Enrollment & GPA

Enrollment: Participants Non-Participants
Fall 2009 32 36
Winter 2010 29 23
Spring 2010 27 18
Summer 2010 14 6
Fall 2010 16 14
Average Cumulative GPA
Fall 2009 2.73 2.33
Winter 2010 2.61 2.20
Spring 2010 2.66


Summer 2010 2.68 2.13
Fall 2010 NA NA
Number of Degrees & Certificates Earned
Earned Associate's Degree 1 0
Earned Regular Certificate 0 0
Earned Short-term Certificate 3 2