Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (WiSTEM)

WiSTEM Summer Institute

The Women in Engineering Technology (WIET) Institute was established in 1994 when a grant was acquired to enable females in grades 10-12 to explore the different areas of engineering technologies.  In 2008, the Institute was renamed WiSTEM and focused on being more academically oriented and assessment driven, while the topics were expanded to include all areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) that are represented at Sinclair.

WiSTEM Institute 2014
Theme: CSI Forensics
The 21st annual WiSTEM Summer Institute was held on June 16-20, 2014 at Sinclair Community College.  
For more information about WiSTEM, please contact the WiSTEM Project Director, Susan Luken, at 937.512.3049.

2014 Report - CSI Forensics 

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