Advanced College Entry

Advanced College Entry (ACE) is a self-pay, open enrollment program for upper-middle and high school students.  Program participants are provided enrollment and advising services, while earning college credit from a number of approved courses offered at Sinclair. 

*In limited cases, enrollment is at the discretion of the Office of Pre-College Programs and the Academic Divisions given course content and academic rigor.

**Sinclair's PSEO, Quick Start, and Seniors to Sophomores students are eligible for ACE enrollment during Summer and/or Winter Terms only. 

To apply:

  1. Complete the Sinclair Admissions application.
  2. Complete the ACE program application.
  3. Take Sinclair's placement test in Building 10, Room 10-442.  
  4. Schedule an enrollment/advising session with the ACE Coordinator, (937) 512-2495.
  5. Register and pay for classes.

For more information, please contact Norman Barskdale, Coordinator, ACE, (937) 512-2495, or email