Computer Aided Manufacturing/Project STEP II CAMPS.S.CRT

One-year Technical Certificate - 30 - 34 Credit Hours

Division: Science, Mathematics and Engineering
Department: Computer Aided Manufacturing

What is "Computer Aided Manufacturing/Project STEP II"?

A nine-month intensive training program offered by Sinclair Community College in cooperation with the Dayton Region Manufacturers Association, the Computer Aided Manufacturing certificate completion prepares a graduate for employment in the machining industry as well as career advancement. To enroll for the certificate beginning in August and finishing in May, a student must meet with and be approved by the STEP II program coordinator. The student who is accepted into the program will receive 25-30 hours of classroom and laboratory instruction per week as well as producing for personal-use tools valued at approximately $1,500. A co-op option is provided for those students who wish to work during their second semester.

Program Outcomes

  • Identify new changes in career field and build personal skills to maintain state-of-the-art competencies.
  • Demonstrate applied competencies in the areas of machining applications, drafting techniques and blueprint interpretation.
  • Analyze manufacturing engineering problems (general and technical) and make appropriate decisions.
  • Demonstrate technical engineering skills appropriate to program requirements.
  • Demonstrate mathematical skills required for occupation.

Career Opportunities

Project STEP II prepares individuals for entry-level jobs in the tool-and-die industry and machining applications.

Additional Information

Important information about the educational debt, earnings, and completion rates of students who attended this program: View the Gainful Employment Information


Course Title Credits
CAM 1107 Principles of Manufacturing 3
CAM 1116 Fundamentals of Computer Numerical Control Operations 3
CAM 1141 Shop Floor Calculations I 3
CAM 1142 Shop Floor Calculations II 3
CAM 1161 Machine Operations Laboratory I 8
CAM 2145 Shop Floor Programming 3
MET 1131 Personal Computer Applications for Engineering Technology 1
OPT 1100 Tooling & Machining Metrology 2
(CAM 1162 OR CAM 2700 ) 4 - 8
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