Professional Firefighter PFC.S.STC

Short-term Technical Certificate - 12 Credit Hours

Division: Business and Public Services
Department: Fire Science Technology

What is "Professional Firefighter"?

Provides training for full-time, part-time and volunteer firefighters to obtain the certifications necessary to meet the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association Standard 1001, Firefighter I and II. State of Ohio Certification from the Ohio Department of Public Safety and National Board on Fire Service Professional Qualifications.

Program Outcomes

  • Apply fire suppression and rescue techniques.
  • Demonstrate skills needed for public fire protection.
  • Demonstrate teamwork and coordination needed to deal effectively with fire and hazardous material incidents.


  • must have a valid motor vehicle operators license


Course Title Credits
(FST 1102 AND FST 1103 OR FST 1104) 12
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