The Advising Partnership--Student's Role

Plan ahead.

Come prepared with questions; be prepared to take notes for future reference. Bring a list of classes of interest along with back-up options.
Know when you are available for class and best able to learn and study. Reflect on personal, educational and career goals.
Determine whether you will transfer to a four-year degree program. Use the college catalog to know about program prerequisites and sequencing.

Be fully engaged during the advising session.

Be open and honest. Ask questions if something is unclear or if there are concerns.
Share interests, goals, and skills so the advisor can offer appropriate feedback. Take responsibility for making decisions.

Follow through.

Follow up on your decisions and on the suggestions made by the advisor. Know and adhere to deadlines for registration and financial aid.
Learn how to search and register for classes via Web Advisor. Make time to meet with the advisor on a regular basis or when questions arise.

Know college policy.

Know when classes begin and end. Be responsible for knowing the status/standing as a student for both academics and financial aid.
Adhere to college procedures and deadlines for adding and dropping classes and submitting college documents. Read and act upon (as appropriate) all my.sinclair e-mail related to grades, academic standing, financial aid, and correspondence from faculty.