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Refund Information and Policy


Refund Policy

Student refunds, if applicable, will be processed for:

  • Tuition and refundable fees for cancelled classes
  • Tuition and refundable fees for dropped classes within the published refund period. 
    • Students are responsible for withdrawing from unwanted courses by the designated refund withdraw date to avoid the possibility of owing a balance. For more information regarding withdrawal dates, please visit the academic calendar
  • Overpayments  through a NelNet Payment Plan
  • Unused guaranteed and approved Financial Aid for each term (Pell, loans, scholarships, etc.)

Important to Note:

  • First time registration fees are non-refundable.
  • Unused refundable financial aid will be disbursed within six weeks after the beginning of each term or within a few weeks after the Financial Aid Office receives all documentation and updates the student’s record. The date of a student's unused financial aid refund is dependent on the student’s course(s) start dates, attendance verification, and financial aid file completion.
  • Non-standard courses are not of standard length. They have different refund and withdrawal dates. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of this information and other matters related to his or her registration.
  • The first refund disbursement of each semester begins approximately six weeks after the start of the semester. Refunds are processed weekly after the first refund of each semester.

How to Check if I Get a Refund

Students can login to their student portal and view their term statement to determine if a refund will be processed.

How to Get Your Refund

Effective the week of April 1st, 2019, BankMobile will begin delivering student refunds through one of three options listed below:    

  • Direct deposit to an existing account
  • Open a BankMobile Vibe checking account for deposit of a refund
  • Paper check sent to the student's address
If a student has a refund due from any of the following payment methods
  • Cash or check payment
  • NelNet Payment Plan
  • Unused guaranteed and approved Financial Aid for each semester
  • Refundable scholarships 
  • Combination of payment methods (ex. financial aid and credit card) - refunds will be issued consistent with the last form of payment received, up to the amount of that payment, and any excess will be issued consistent with the earlier form(s) of payment.
  • All other refundable payment methods not mentioned above.
 then they will be required to make a refund selection using the steps below.
  1. Login to your student portal 
  2. Click on the Student Refunds Tile
  3. Select how you want your refund delivered

**If a payment was made via a credit card then the refund will be issued back to the card used through Sinclair.

**If you received a refund prior to April 5th, 2019 from Sinclair and have questions, please contact the Bursar Office at 937-512-2606.

Refund of Student Deposits

A request for a refund of a student deposit must be made using the Student Deposit Refund Form and be sent to one of the following:

Sinclair Community College
Attn: Bursar Office – Sponsored Programs
444 West Third Street
Dayton, Ohio 45402
Fax: 937-512-2391

Tawan Jermkhuntod

Refund Appeals

A student dropping a class after the published date to drop with a refund may complete a Refund Appeal Form. This form, along with any accompanying documentation, will then go to the Refund Appeals Committee. As a rule, refunds are generally granted only in such cases as withdrawals for medical emergencies involving the student or an immediate family member for whom the student is the primary care giver, death of an immediate family member, or instances where the school is at fault. Refund Appeal Forms are available at the Bursar's Office, Building 12, Room 321 or by clicking on Tuition Refund Appeal.


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