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Waitlisting will allow you to electronically “wait in line” for the next available seat within a class. As a vacancy becomes available, the next student on the waiting list will be automatically registered for the section. This process will eliminate the need to constantly check back to see if the section you desire is open.

Adding Yourself to a Waitlist:

You can add yourself to a waitlist in-person or online.

To add yourself to a waitlist online, use the Registration Portal and go through the online registration process. You will select Waitlist Class.

To add yourself to a waitlist in-person, visit the Office of Registration & Student Records located in Building 11, Third Floor. Fill out a registration form with the information of the closed course section(s). The registration staff will add you to the waitlist.

Managing Your Waitlist:

You can manage your waitlist by visiting the Office of Registration & Student Records or online using WebAdvisor. In WebAdvisor, the “Manage My Waitlist” option will allow you to see for what courses you are waitlisted, remove yourself from a waitlist, verify how many students are on each waitlist, and monitor your position on the waitlist. The registration staff can also provide you with this information.

Being Registered by Waitlisting: Because many registered students fail to pay their bill, several vacancies typically become available after the first payment deadline date. You will be notified via your my.sinclair e-mail when you are registered for a waitlisted course. If you waitlist a course, it is important to check your my.sinclair email regularly. By placing yourself on the waitlist, you agree that you are financially obligated to pay for the course if registered.