Tartan Card Refund Form

  1. Tartan Card refunds are issued by check only and mailed by regular US Postal Service. Sinclair Community College WILL NOT issue cash refunds or hand deliver checks.

  2. Closures are processed ONLY after the end of each academic term.

  3. Refund checks are mailed within thirty days after account closing has been processed by the Bursar’s office IF:

    A) a written request is received by the Cashier’s office and,

    B) the account holder graduates, withdraws or is dismissed from Sinclair Community College, and/or terminates employment, and

    C) the account balance, after a $10.00 closing processing fee, is $1.00 or more.

  4. Refund checks must be issued in the name of the account holder and mailed to the current address on file in the Office of Registration & Student Records.  If you are changing addresses, you must change the address prior to submitting this request for closure to assure proper printing of checks and documentation.

  5. Books and merchandise returned to the Bookstore will be refunded according to the existing Bookstore refund policy.

I am seeking a refund because:
I deposited more than I desired on the Tartan Card. 
Please refund only $
I am due to graduate from Sinclair Community College and will no longer be on campus
I have withdrawn from ALL classes this term (prior to filing this request).
I have been dismissed from Sinclair Community College.
I have terminated employment at Sinclair Community College.
Other (explain)

Note: Closing your Tartan Card does NOT invalidate your Card.  The card continues to be your official Sinclair Community College campus ID and can be re-activated upon your return as a student.

By selecting Yes below, I acknowledge that I understand the information contained in this form, including the withholding of $10.00 closing fee.

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*Date *Amount to refund
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