Ten Resume Tips

If you want to stay competitive by keeping up with these trends, you've got to try some new tactics. Here are today's new resume rules from Jackson's book, "The Perfect Resume" (Main Street Books).

1. Using technology is preferable to having it use you. A digital resume is the main contact medium for 70 percent of the nation's employers. Not crafting your resume consistent with Internet and search technology will severely limit your reach.

2. Prepare resumes in both presentation (designed for printed copies) and digital (electronic delivery) forms. Understand the implications, limitations and strengths of each.

3. Take the time to do it right. There are very few jobs that do not require a resume as a prerequisite to even being considered as a candidate.

4. The quality of the opportunities you are considered for is a function of the quality of your resume and how you get it delivered.

5. Know yourself and what you want. Until you have examined and weighed both internal factors (your values, interests, skills, accomplishments, capabilities) and external factors (growth companies, corporate values, niche opportunities), you are not equipped to make a compelling case for the kind of work you seek.

6. Gear your resume toward where you want to be by focusing on your future career or job goals. If you rely only on past jobs, you will be preparing a historical document that tells where you have been, not where you are headed.

7. Customize your resumes for the individual jobs you are after. One size does not fit all. You are an individual with distinction.

8. Target delivery of your resume precisely. The best resume in the world will not help you unless it gets to the right person.

9. Avoid generalities. Use objective and summary statements that are custom-tailored to each separate job target. An objective statement tells the reader what you want, and a summary statement shows why you should be considered for the job.

10. Pay close attention to keywords and skills descriptions so you will pass unimpeded through screening filters. At the same time, include material that demonstrates success and accomplishment related to the specific job, so the human reader is motivated to see you.

10 New Resume Rules" excerpted with permission from "The Perfect Resume" by Tom Jackson.

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