On Campus Interviewing

On-Campus Recruiting is conducted each Spring and Fall Quarter for the purpose of allowing propsective grads and alumni the opportunity to interview with employers interested in hiring Sinclair students. On-Campus recruiting schedules are accessible thru the JobLink eRecruiting portal.

To be eligible for On-Campus Recruiting opportunities, students must registered for Employment Services. To register for Employment services, currently enrolled students must have 75 credit hours a quarter or two away from graduation, or be a graduate or alumnus. Call our office at 512-2509 or email studentandcommunity@sinclair.edu to schedule an appointment for a Employment Services Orientation. Please include your name, phone number, Tartan or Social Security number, major, in order for us to verify your degree.

The Student & Community Engagement office provides employers with full time career related job opportunities, the opportunity to interview applicants in our office. To start the process, employers can contact our office by phone or email and post the positions. Once the job description has been posted to the eRecruiting website, a companion interview schedule is created. Our office contacts graduates registered with our office and those interested in interviewing can sign up online. The Student & Community Engagement office keeps the employer updated on the progress of the schedule signup and finally forwards a packet of resumes from those interviewees. Employers are provided with free parking the day of the interview as well as a complimentary lunch. To learn more about on campus recruiting call 512-2509.

Student & Community Engagement
Sinclair Community College
Room 8025, 444 West Third Street
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