Job Searching

Job searching has changed a lot over the last decade. Most employers post their jobs on-line and only accept on-line applications, so job searchers have to have to be proficient with creating electronic resumes and navigating the web.  However, job searching can take on many forms which include: networking, visiting organizations in person, reading the classified ads in the paper, going to job fairs, searching on-line, utilizing social networks, going through an employment agency, etc.  We recommend that you make use of more than one of these approaches in your search.

The Student & Community Engagement office can provide you with many resources as you begin your job hunting.  We are also proud to offer JobLink Interfase, our on-line employment board.  To learn more, click on the JobLink Interfase "information" link.  For assistance with job searching, visit Building 8, Room 8025 or call 512-2509.  As you prepare for your job search, don’t forget to utilize The Student & Community Engagement office for assistance with your resume/ cover letter. Additionally, once you secure a job interview, you can contact The Student & Community Engagement office to meet with staff to hone your interviewing skills. click for info





Want to gain an inside look at companies? Glassdoor is a job and career website where you can learn about company profiles, typical interviewing questions and salary scales. All information is provided by current or former employees, job seekers or the companies themselves. This website also includes a job search feature. Use this website to make informed decisions about what companies might be a good fit for your future.

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