Rules for Personal Success
Personal Success
  1. Know what is really important to you.
    • Make a list of things you value.
    • Write it down.
  2. Like, love and forgive yourself.
    • Make a list of the good things about you.
    • Consider constructive criticism as an opportunity to grow.
    • Know that you must keep learning to keep growing.
  3. Visualize your goals and your dreams. Envision your future and consider the steps you must take to turn your dreams into a reality.
  4. Stop worrying about obstacles and become alert to opportunities.
    • If you have many dreams or goals, go with the one where the opportunities are now.
    • Always recognize your many options.
  5. Look and behave like the person you want to be.
  6. Don't be part of a problem. Be part of a solution. If you want to be successful, be helpful.
  7. Be polite, but ask for what you want. Be prepared to be rejected and then adjust your plan accordingly.
  8. Keep yourself organized, efficient and up to date.
  9. Be proactive. Seek out ways to better yourself and your future.
  10. Never quit working towards your next step, goal or achievement. Success is a process that never ends!

The rules are the tools that will make it happen, but success is inside you, just waiting to come out.

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