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International students at Sinclair Community College have several housing options:

  • Homestay
  • Apartment Living
  • Sinclair Community College/Wright State University Double Degree Program
How to Open a Bank Account

Before opening a bank account, go online and conduct research. You will save time and gain some basic knowledge about banks and banking in the United States.

Some things you might want to consider as you do the research:

  • Some banks will not provide service for international students who do not have a social security number. So make sure you call banks directly and ask if you are eligible to become their customer.
  • There is a difference between a checking, and a savings account
Driving in Ohio

Is it possible for international students to obtain a driver’s license in the State of Ohio?

Yes, international students are able to obtain a driver’s license and operate a motor vehicle in the State of Ohio.

How can an international student get a driver’s license? Find out how.