Financial aid is money given to students to help pay for college.  Financial aid can be one of four types:

-Federal and private loans

-Federal and state grants


-Federal college work-study

Federal and state grants and scholarships are more favorable than loans because they do not have to be repaid--they are free money.  In a federal college work-study program, students work for a certain number of hours per week on or off-campus to earn money for college expenses.  An ideal financial aid package will contain more Federal and State grants and scholarships than federal loans.  Students are encouraged to apply for as many different sources of financial aid as possible in order to pay for their college education.

The four primary sources of aid for students are the federal government, the state of Ohio, the college, and private organizations.  The main provider is the federal government.


 Type of Aid  Provider  Basis of Award

 Repayment Needed

 Grants Federal & State  Financial need  No

State, College,  and private organizations

 Financial need

 and/or merit

 Work Federal & College  Need  No
 Loans Federal & private  Financial need  Yes

See specific sections of Federal, State, and Institutional Financial Aid for more details.

Financial Need:

The majority of financial aid is need-based aid.  The cost of attendance minus the student's expected family contribution determines need; in other words:

    Cost of attendance - Expected Family Contribution = Financial Need

The Cost of attendance is more than direct costs of tuition, fees and books.  It also includes indirect college expenses such as supplies, transportation, daycare, personal and other program related expenses.

Here are two examples of budgets at Sinclair Community College for the 2014-2015 Academic year (these may change annually):

BUDGET A   Dependent In-County 9 months
Tuition, Fees and Lab Fees  $2,304
Books and Supplies  $1,080
Transportation      $945
Room and Board   $2,700
Personal and Other    $1,350
TOTAL  $8,379
BUDGET B  Independent In-County 9 months
Tuition, Fees and Lab Fees   $2,304
Books and Supplies    $1,080
Transportation        $945
Room and Board     $5,580
Personal and Other    $1,350
TOTAL $11,259

Out of county surcharge for nine months: $1,134 • Out of state surcharge for nine months: $4,288

 Note:  The college reserves the right to change without notice statements concerning rules, policies, fees, curricula, courses, or other matters.

Laboratory fees are determined for individual classes.  Any additional costs for programs can be found in the Online Course Schedule Planner for each individual class that requires payment of additional fees.

The Online Course Schedule Planner can be found at