Financial Aid and Scholarships Office
Add/Drop Census Date Policy

Sinclair Community College uses an Add/Drop period, also called the "census date" to determine a student's enrollment status for awarding federal financial aid. The census date is typically the 8th calendar day of the full length term.

The courses which students are registered for on the census date will determine financial aid eligibility. This means that if a student adds or drops classes before the census date, the amount of federal financial aid they are eligible for will be affected. If classes are added or dropped after the census date, the federal financial aid award amount will not change even if the student has been attending the class.

If the college has made an error that caused a federal financial aid recipient to be purged from classes and the student is requesting to be re-registered after the census date, the student should meet with a designated Registration staff member to complete the appropriate petition. The documentation collected will be forwarded to the Director or Assistant Directors of Financial Aid to verify whether or not federal financial aid can be used to pay for the classes in which the student will be re-registered after the census date. This documentation must include, but is not limited to, proof of attendance in all classes for which the student is requesting re-registration.

Please note: If a federal aid recipient registers or re-registers for a class on or after the first day of classes, the student must obtain a signature from the instructor verifying the student has been attending the class.