Sinclair Community College offers a variety of scholarship opportunities for students.  Scholarships are available to recent high school graduates, new students, current students and returning students.

Sinclair's Institutional Scholarships are available to high school graduates, new students, current students, and returning students and range from $600 - $1,800 per year.

Students who have no federal and/or state grant eligibility will automatically be considered for an Access Grant or Book Scholarship when their financial aid file is complete provided funds are still available.  Students must have at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA or be a new student at Sinclair.  Students who are awarded an Access Grant or Book Scholarship are not eligible for any of the other institutional scholarships.  Students are only eligible for one institutional scholarship per academic year.

If students have little or no federal and/or state grant eligibility and have not been awarded an Access Grant or Book Scholarship, they may submit an application once their financial aid file is complete.

High School Scholarships - Sinclair offers a variety of scholarships to new students based on high school academic performance.  Sinclair is proud to award a generous amount of scholarships to incoming students each year.  These scholarships are available during the school year immediately following high school graduation and range from $900 - $1,800 per year.

Foundation Scholarships - The Sinclair Community College Foundation annually funds scholarships through endowment earnings and cash gifts to the college.  Scholarships are available to currently enrolled Sinclair students, graduating high school seniors, and adults entering college for the first time.  Many scholarships are not based on financial need but consider other criteria such as field of study, academic achievement, creativity, leadership or community service.

External Scholarships - Several scholarships are awarded by agencies and clubs and organizations outside of Sinclair.  A student is encouraged to periodically check the Scholarship Information and Applications under the Financial Aid website for additional information.

Athletic Scholarships - The Physical Education department controls all athletic scholarship awards.  Decisions and scholarship offers are made by individual coaches and endorsed by the athletic director.  The Financial Aid & Scholarships office is notified to credit an award to the student's account.  Any changes made to athletic awards must be received, in writing, from the athletic director.