For the purposes of this policy, Sinclair Community College has used the following definitions of terms.
An individual who is receiving or has received instruction in an on or off-campus program, including an activity that is evaluated toward a grade such as a work study program, an academic internship, or a student exchange program. The term does not apply to an individual prior to or subsequent to an individual’s period of attendance at the college such as a candidate for admission, an alumnus, or a postgraduate intern in another institution.
Education Records
Any record (in handwriting, print, tape, film, or other medium) maintained by Sinclair Community College, an employee of the college, or an agent of the college that is directly related to a student, except:
1.    A personal record kept by a college staff person or agent which meets the following tests:
a. It was made as a personal memory aid;
b.    It is in the sole possession of the person who made it;
c.    The information contained in it has never been revealed or made available to any other person except the maker’s temporary substitute. (FERPA guidelines and this policy refer to these personal notes as “sole possession” records.)
2.    An employment record used only in relation to an individual’s employment by Sinclair Community College. However, records related to a student’s employment by Sinclair shall be deemed “education records.
3.    Records connected with an individual’s application for admission to Sinclair Community College prior to the individual’s actual attendance as an enrolled student. This includes records connected with an application for admission to one of the College programs prior to the individual’s actual enrollment and attendance in that program.
4.    Records that relate to an individual as an alumnus after the individual no longer attends or participates in an educational activity for which Sinclair Community College awards a grade or credit.
5.    Records maintained by the Sinclair Community College Campus Police used only for law enforcement purposes. Law enforcement records shall be kept separate from education records.
a.    In the event the Campus Police obtain any educational record and/or personally identifiable information concerning a student, such record or information remains confidential and may not be disclosed without prior written consent of the student.
b.    No person (including any college official) will have access to information contained in the Campus Police records except law enforcement officers with jurisdiction on Sinclair Community College Campus except to the extent access is permitted by the Ohio Public Records Act.
Personal Identifier
Any data or information that relates a record to an individual. This includes the individual’s name, the name of the individual’s parents or other family members, the individual’s address, the individual’s social security number, any other number or symbol that identifies the individual, a list of the individual’s personal characteristics, or any other information that would make the individual’s identity known and could be used to label a record as the individual’s.