Fees for Copies of Records
Sinclair Community College will charge the following fees for copies of education records:
1.    Transcripts will be provided for the fee which is in effect at the time of the request.
2.    FERPA required copies of educational records—The law requires the college to provide copies of educational records to students when:
a.    A failure to do so would effectively deny the student the right to inspect and review the student’s record.
b.    The College has disclosed information from the student’s education record under authority of the student’s prior written consent, and the student requests a copy of the information disclosed.
c.    The student requests copies of records the college has disclosed to other schools where the student seeks or intends to enroll.
The college will waive or reduce the fees for FERPA required copies for records if the fee effectively denies the student access to his/her record. Also, this fee is for actual copying cost and does not include the cost of search and retrieval. The fee for these copies is 25 cents per page. Fees are subject to annual review and may change without notice.
3.    Copies (not signed and certified) of education records will be available to students, even though the FERPA does not require them, at cost (25 cents per page).
Sinclair Community College will furnish at no cost, copies of records involved in a request to change them when the college asks the student to make a written request for the change.