Statement of Rights
Sinclair Community College recognizes student’s rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and this policy. Since a student’s education record will be used repeatedly by College officials and others to make important decisions affecting the student’s academic program and future career, the student should assume a personal responsibility to make certain that his/her education record is complete and accurate. This policy is intended to inform students about Sinclair Community College’s procedures to provide students their rights to:
1.    Inspect and review their education records;
2.    Exercise control (with some limitations) over disclosures of information contained in their education records;
3.    Seek to correct their education records, in a hearing if necessary, when they believe their records are inaccurate, misleading, or in violation of the privacy or other rights of students;
4.    Report violations of FERPA to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act Office, Department of Education;
5.    Be informed about their FERPA rights.
Sinclair Community College has placed responsibility for administration of the FERPA with an officer, designated as the FERPA Coordinator, in the Office of Registration & Student Records. This person is responsible for the administration of this policy. Students who have problems or questions related to the policy should contact the FERPA Coordinator for help.