African American Male Initiative (AAMI)


The African American Male Initiative (AAMI) is a completion initiative designed to help young men find their passion, walk in their purpose, and reach their potential.

Specifically, the purpose of the program is to retain students from term to term, ensuring that students maintain a GPA in good standing, experience personal and professional development, and complete their degree/certificate on time (within 2-3 years). This program is culturally relevant and supports men of color at their level of need, whether it is academic, professional, social, or emotional.

Visit the Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB) National organization.



2017 Graduates from AAMI

Terrell Winslow, History
Terrell Winslow
Jaden Holmes, Visual Communications
Jaden Holmes
Visual Communications
Kamal Poole, Social Work
Kamal Poole
Social Work

Brother 2 Brother Meetings for Spring Semester

We are working to bring you topics that will help to develop you academically, professionally and personally. We also celebrate birthdays monthly on the last Friday of each month with cake. Our fall meeting schedule was a huge success and we are working to bring more exciting guests and topics for spring semester 2018! Continue to watch this section for more updates and information. All meetings are located in Building 8, Room 8027 unless otherwise listed.

AAMI Group Meeting

1/12/18: Welcome (or Welcome back) to AAMI!  (SOCIAL)

This is our first meeting of the semester!  Join us as we kick off the start of spring semester.

1/19/18: Donnell Wiggins - UD/Sinclair Academy (EDUCATIONAL)

Donnell Wiggins is the Assistant Vice President, New Markets for Admissions at the University of Dayton. He will share his story, as well as talk about the UD/Sinclair Academy.

1/26/18: Faheem Curtis-Khidr - Black History Miami Valley (CULTURAL CONSCIOUSNESS)

As we approach Black History Month, Sinclair History Professor Faheem Curtis-Khidr will discuss Black History in the Miami Valley.

2/2/18: De'Shawna Yamini - Vision Boards: See it, believe it, GET IT! (LEADERSHIP AND VISION)

We will discuss the power of positivity and visualizing.  All students will be encouraged to complete a vision board, where they will present their goals using words and pictures.

2/9/18: Jude Diege, Business Analyst, Eden Counseling Centers (CAREER/COMMUNITY/CIVIC ENGAGEMENT)

Jude will discuss his education and background in banking. Jude will also discuss why he chose to leave big business to support an organization with his business acumen, thus fulfilling his desire to give back and support youth.

2/16/18: TyAnn Stewart - Student Support Services (EDUCATIONAL)

TyAnn will discuss the qualifications, benefits, and resources available to students through Student Support Services, a TRIO program.


REACH (Realizing Ethnic Awareness and Cultural Heritage Across Dayton) is a collaborative program between Sinclair Community College, EboNia Gallery and the Dayton Visual Arts Center (DVAC). Tess Little and Willis "Bing" Davis are Co-Coordinators. REACH seeks to promote learning in the arts and humanities by creating an atmosphere that builds respect, knowledge, appreciation, and understanding of this area's diverse cultural populations. The areas of fine arts, communication, film, theater, dance, music, and social issues will be explored. This event will take place at Sinclair's Ponitz Center, Building 12.  AAMI students are encouraged to attend the conference.

3/2/18: Bill Green: Recovering Attorney - (CAREER/VISION/LEADERSHIP)

After 17 years as an attorney and corporate head for the Kroger Corporation, Bill Green is working to inspire young men in their education and life beyond the college experience.

3/16/18: Emmett Orr: President, Montgomery County Board of Developmental Disability Services, Public Health Dayton Montgomery County (PHDMC), Jefferson Township Board  (CAREER/VISION/LEADERSHIP)

Emmett Orr has served tirelessly in this community since the 1970's.  He is a champion for mental health, public schools, and men of color.

3/23/18: John Rogers: Time Management and Student Success - (EDUCATIONAL/CULTURAL CONSCIOUSNESS

Student favorite John Rogers will share tips on how to stay focused and have self-management while in college.

3/30/18: Chad Bridgeman: Internships and Apprenticeships at Sinclair - (CAREER/EDUCATIONAL)

The Internship/Co-Op Program alternates or combines periods of college study with periods of experience in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Fields. Students are provided the opportunity to gain career-related work experience while earning college credits toward their degree.

4/5/18 - 4/8/18: Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB) Conference

AAMI students in good academic standing will travel to Atlanta, Georgia to attend the SAAB conference.  The conference is a weekend dedicated to academics, leadership, and personal and professional development.  This year's theme is "Destined, Determined, Dedicated: A True Journey to Success."

4/13/18: Trey Addison, Nascent Group Holdings  - (CAREER/EDUCATIONAL)

Trey Addison served as a member of the Board of Trustees while still a student at the University of Toledo. After serving as a lobbyist on Capitol Hill and working in Energy, Trey is now the Managing Partner of Nascent Group Holdings.




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