Available Services

The department provides a wide range of services to support you while you are at Sinclair. You may qualify for:

Adaptive Equipment

Equipment including (but not limited to) specialized keyboards, computer screen enlargement software and alternative furniture is available.

Audio Textbooks

Those with vision impairment and learning disabilities and concentration issues can request audio books.

C-Print Captioning

C-Print Captioning of lecture for those with hearing disabilities.

Disability Access Computers

Computer labs and classrooms throughout campus are equipped with computer stations tailored to those with disabilities.

Disability Management Advising

When you register with us, you will be assigned a Disability counselor to work with.


Interpreters can be requested for scheduled classes, tutoring, advising, and open labs.


Volunteer note takers and audio recording equipment are available.


Parking for those with disabilities is available in various locations throughout campus. More Parking Information

Public Videophone Locations

These are available in various locations around campus. The phone number is: 937-701-6784.


You may have an assistant read and/or write for you.

Special Testing Arrangements

You may take your tests and quizzes in the Testing Center with extended time.