What is a Tartan Card?

Sinclair's Tartan Card is an I.D. card and a whole lot more!

It's a photo I.D. card: Because it has your photo on it, you can use your Tartan Card as your I.D. card to gain access to campus facilities, PAC and labs, check out books from the LRC.

It's a debit card to pay for on-campus services. You can put money on your Tartan Card, then pay for books and supplies, meals and snacks, photocopies the Physical Activity Center services, even parking. Plus, you can add funds to your card anytime!

Use your Tartan Card to pay for meals and snacks at the following food service facilities around campus:

  • Tartan Marketplace (Building 7, Basement)
  • Tartan Sub Shop (Building 3, Third Floor)
  • Snack Shoppe (Building 13, Fourth Floor)
  • Main Street Cafe (Building 10, Third Floor)
  • Selected Vending Machines
  • Starbucks (Library, Lower Level)

Your Tartan Card lets you make fast and easy purchases at the bookstore, including:

  • Textbooks, pens, software, pencils, paper, and other study supplies
  • Convenience items - postage stamps, greeting cards, newspapers, RTA bus passes, T-shirts, hats and other Sinclair wearables

Use your Tartan Card to pay for just about everything at Sinclair:

  • Parking at any Sinclair campus student parking facility
  • Photocopies at the Library
  • Activity passes and equipment rental at the PAC
  • Locker fees in the Student Leadership Development Office
  • The Bursar's Office accepts Tartan Card as a form of payment for tuition and other various fees at the Dayton campus, Courseview, and Learning Centers.

What it isn't

The Tartan Card is NOT a bank credit card - in other words, you can't use it to charge purchases off campus or to get cash advances like you could with a VISA or MasterCard. Nor is the Tartan Card an ATM card - you can't use it to get cash from a bank machine.

The Tartan Card does not have financial aid awards on it.

You may obtain your own Tartan Card by coming to the office of Registration & Student Records during normal business hours, Building 10, Room 10221.