Information for Employers

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The Student & Community Engagement office offers services to employers wishing to recruit, hire or make jobs available to Sinclair grads, prospective grads or the general population. Our goal is connect employers to qualified candidates. For additional information and to begin recruiting at Sinclair Community College, please call 937-512-2956 or email

Student & Community Engagement provides the following services to accommodate the needs of employers:

Posting jobs on JobLink

Job posting is provided as a service to employers wishing to make opportunities available to students, graduates and community members. All positions submitted to Student & Community Engagement are posted to the JobLink Interface website.

Types of Jobs

  • Full and Part Time Career Related Jobs   Career related jobs are only visible to graduates and prospective graduate members.
  • Part Time, Temporary, Seasonal, Internships and General Full and Part Time Jobs  These jobs are posted to the entire student body and the community on the JobLink website and physically on hallway job boards. Applicants-self refer themselves per employer instructions with no resume referral provided by Student & Community Engagement.

Jobs that are accepted are viewable on the Sinclair job board for 29 days (or any earlier stated expire date), after which time the job expires and is removed from the job board. Jobs not meeting the approval of the Student & Community Engagement department are blocked from view.

Methods of Posting

  • Online JobLink Account.  Employers can establish a permanent account with Student & Community Engagement for job posting by registering at the Employer JobLink login page.
  • Email ( or fax (937-512-2101) a job description with the following information: company, contact name and phone number, company address, brief job description with qualifications and application instructions.

Note: Student & Community Engagement reserves the right to refuse posting positions that include multi-level marketing, 100% commission, or any position information is vague or the employer cannot be verified. 

Resume Referral

Resumes referral service is available for employers posting full time career-related positions. Jobs are either posted on behalf of the employer or by the employer through their JobLink account.  Our office can assemble and email PDF resume packets of students who meet given criteria.  Please allow 2 business days for this service.  Employers can also search the JobLink database for candidates on their own.

On Campus Interviewing

Employers can recruit for their full-time career related job openings by using the Student & Community Engagement On-Campus Recruiting program. The primary On-Campus Recruiting seasons are the Spring and Fall semesters. Companies wishing to recruit can call or email a request along with a job description for the position they would like to interview for. Our office will arrange a schedule and field qualified candidates for the interview session. 

Career Fairs

Student & Community Engagement conducts three annual Career Fairs: the Health Services Career Fair (typically in January/February), the Career Exploration Fair (typically in April) and the Automotive Career Fair (typically in April). Career Fairs are intended to provide employers with the ability to interact with prospective students, alumni, and community members and provide information about the opportunities that the company may have.  

Table Recruiting

Employers may reserve a table they can use to recruit in a high traffic area called the Career Opportunity Corner in Building 11 near Academic Advising. Employers can use this to recruit PT or FT paid positions to the general student population. The table and space is provided free of charge. Please note that multi-level marketing and commission only jobs are not permitted. Please submit this application to Student and Community Engagement to reserve your table.