Campus Activity Board

Mission: Create a fun and unified campus through diverse and educational programming.  As a part of Sinclair Community College we strive to offer opportunities to the Dayton community to continually develop in leadership skills, community service and cultural awareness.

Campus Activities Board (CAB):  A student-run organization that provides a host of activities for Sinclair Community College students.  Some Activities are:

  • Welcome Week Events
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser/Walk
  • Club Days
  • Earth Days
  • Spring Fling
  • Women in Leadership Mini Conferences
  • Tartan Night (Basketball)
  • Recognition Awards

CAB also sponsors events such as speakers, games, movies, coffeehouse showcases and more.
What are the benefits of being a CAB member? 

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Learn about event planning and coordination
  • Managing a budget
  • Networking
  • Social Skills
  • Professional Skills
  • Organizational and Management skills
  • Be a positive and active force on campus
  • Fun

 How do I become a CAB member?

  • Registered for at least 6 credit hours per semester
  • Maintain at least a 2.0 GPA
  •  Must be able to commit at least 5 to 10 scheduled office hours a week
  • Must be self-motivated, have organizational, communication and people skills
  •  Must be able to take charge in planning fun, exciting, memorable and social events


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