Disability Access Computers

Computers with disability access are available in various buildings around the Dayton Campus, Courseview Campus Center, Englewood, Huber Heights and Preble County Learning Centers, and neighborhood learning centers.

Dayton Campus

Building 1 Room 1043 Biology-B.I.O.S.I.S.
Room 1130 Geology
Room 1315 Math Lab
Building 2 Room 2L31 Music
Room 2120 Health Information Management
Room 2321 Language Lab
Building 3 Room 3213 Business Information Systems
Room 3221 English Lab
Room 3241 Business Information Systems
Room 3341 Radiology
Building 4 Room 4013 New Lab
Room 4110 Business Information Systems
Building 5 Room 5012 M.E.T. Lab
Room 5041 Computer Information Systems
Room 5043 Computer Information Systems
Room 5134 ITS
Room 5212 Computer Information Systems
Room 5213 Accounting
Room 5214 Business Information Systems
Room 5224 Business Information Systems
Room 5231 Business Information Systems
Room 5244 Business Information Systems
Room 5338 Business Information Systems
Room 5343 Developmental Reading
Building 6 Room 6230 Developmental Reading
Room 6232 Developmental Reading
Room 6240 Developmental English
Room 6241 Developmental English
Room 6314 Developmental Math
Room 6330 Developmental Math
Room 6331 English Lab
Room 6342 Developmental Reading
Building 7 Room 7L09 Tutoring & Learning Center Classroom
Room 7L08 Tutoring Services
Room 7L06 Writing Center
Room 7L05 English Classroom
Room 7L03 Library Classroom
Room 7L00 Library Main Floor (3)
Room 7L001 Academic Resource Center
Building 9 Room 9108 Education Materials Center
Room 9311 Open Lab
Building 10 Room 10242 Sinclair Central
Room 10300 Information Kiosk
Room 10312 Career Services
Room 10327 Math Lab
Room 10400 Enrollment Center
Room 10445 Testing Center (2)
Building 11 Room 11124 Engineering
Room 11141 Engineering
Room 11142 Engineering
Room 11222 Engineering
Room 11322 Business Information Systems
Room 11323 Business Information Systems
Room 11324 Business Technology
Room 11423 Engineering
Room 11436 Engineering
Room 11438 Engineering
Room 11440 Engineering
Room 11442 Math Science Technology Center
Room 11447 Engineering
Room 11448 Engineering
Building 12 Room 12312 Chemistry Resource Center
Room 12363 Sociology Lab
Room 12372 Corporate and Community Services
Room 12374 Corporate and Community Services
Building 13 Room 13122 Business Information Systems
Room 13123 Business Information Systems
Room 13223 Teleport II with ADA room (3)
Building 14 Room 14109 Center for Interactive Learning (2)
Room 14114 Center for Interactive Learning
Room 14115 Center for Interactive Learning
Room 14306E Center for Interactive Learning
Room 14306W CIS - CISCO Lab
Room 14312E Computer Information Systems

Other Sinclair Locations

Campus Center
CC-103 Computer Classroom
CC-111 Library
Learning Center
EY-103 Placement Testing
EY-104 Computer Classroom
EY-109 Computer Classroom
EY-114 Library
Huber Heights
Learning Center
HY-108 Library
HY-117 Computer Classroom
HY-118 Computer Classroom
Preble County
Learning Center
PY-101 Library
PY-109 Computer Classroom

Neighborhood Learning Centers

Centerville C170 Computer Classroom
C124 Computer Classroom
Kettering 202 Computer Classroom
Research Park RP-114 Computer Classroom
RP-116 Computer Classroom
RP-119 Computer Classroom