Physical Education Assistants

Physical Education Assistants provide assistance to students with physical disabilities who are taking physical education courses at Sinclair Community College.

You may request a Physical Education (PED) Assistant through the Department of Disability Services (DDS).

It is the responsibility of the academic department/course instructor to determine appropriate academic and physical competencies for the course and make reasonable academic adjustments for students with disabilities. If you are having difficulty in achieving the academic competencies, you should contact DDS.

The role of the PED Assistant is to provide assistance for students with physical disabilities within the classroom setting. Specifically, the PED Assistant works under the supervision of the instructor in adapting the physical requirements of the course to the student, so that reasonable academic success is achieved.

What does a PED Assistant do for you in the classroom?

The PED Assistant works under the immediate supervision of the course instructor to:

  • Provide individual assistance to students with disabilities, usually on a one-to-one basis, in accordance with specific directions provided by the course instructor.
  • Guide you through in-class assignments that have been adapted for the student’s physical ability.
  • Consult with the course instructor and other resources designated by the DDS to receive guidance, training, and clarification of any concerns.
  • Keep an accurate and valid record of in-class time working with you.
  • Adhere to policies relating to student employees and maintain all communication confidential while supporting you.

How can I get a PED Assistant for my class(es)?

Submit a request to the DDS at least two weeks in advance of the quarter you need an assistant. Provide DDS with a copy of your schedule listing your PED classes (days and times).

DDS will tell you who the PED Assistant will be, and arrangements will be made for you to meet the PED Assistant. This usually takes place in the PED classroom.