Audio Textbooks

Qualifying students may register with Recordings for the Blind & Dyslexic (RFB&D), and requests for audio books can be made at 1-800-221-4792. You must start the request process 4 weeks before the term starts.

RFB&D is a private organization that lends recorded audio textbooks and other educational materials to people who cannot read standard print because of visual, perceptual or other disabilities. There is a one-time registration fee and an annual membership fee. Applications are available on the RFB&D website.

You will need to use a specially adapted audio player or audio software with RFB&D’s audio textbooks.

Are individuals with learning disabilities eligible for services from the National Library Service (NLS)/Library of Congress?

The definition of learning disabilities varies and may include not only reading disabilities and dyslexia, but also problems with spoken language, writing, or reasoning ability. The National Library Service (NLS) for the Blind and Physical Disabilities talking-book program is a service for the blind or individuals with physical disabilities.

All applications must be based on a physical disability, including applications accepted under the terms “learning disabilities,” such as dyslexia or reading disability. The competent authority (doctors of medicine or doctors of osteopathy) who certifies (signs) such applications must be medically able to judge whether the disability has a physical or organic basis. For more information refer to the National Library Service’s Recommended Links.

What if my textbook is not available through RFB&D?

If your textbook is not available through RFB&D, requests must be submitted to your Disabilities Services counselor at least one month prior to the start of the term in which the book is needed. Provide the following information about the textbook(s):

Course number: e.g. INT 109-50
Book Title: e.g. Machine Tool Practices
Author: e.g. Kibbe
Publication Year: e.g.2002
Edition: e.g. 7th