Frequently Asked Questions

Are all students with psychiatric disabilities required to participate in Supported Education Program?
No. Not all students with psychiatric disabilities participate in Supported Education services. Students interested in services need to identify themselves to the office of Education Support Services and participate in a confidential intake interview. It is the choice of the student to avail themselves of these services.

Will the instructor know that I have a psychiatric diagnosis?
No. All records are kept confidential and are separate from academic records. With the student's permission, the instructor will receive a letter from the Department of Disability Services identifying that the student is registered with the office and qualifies for reasonable academic adjustments. The letters are formatted the same for all students regardless of their disability and individualized academic adjustments are developed with student input.

What if I decide I no longer need SEP services?
Services from SEP are strictly on a volunteer basis for registered students. SEP is designed to enhance the educational experience and offer additional supports in an effort to increase success in the college environment.