College Readiness Centers
The Office of College Readiness Centers (TOCRC) is dedicated to helping students succeed in college. The Office of College Readiness Centers services a diverse group of students, including: High School and GED Students preparing for college, 1st year and Transfer students, as well as our Life Long Learners and Displaced Workers. In order to fully meet the needs of each student, TOCRC has developed a number of programs both on and off campus.
On Campus, the TOCRC hosts the Academic Resource Center (ARC) where students prepare for the Accuplacer and/or where students may work in conjunction with their DEV course work. 
However, the preparation is only offered to students who are looking to improve their scores between test #1 and test #2. We do not provide any study guides or preparation prior to taking the Accuplacer exam a first time. Having the student take the placement exam a first time allows us to use the initial scores to place him/her into the right curriculum on PLATO/NROC online Math.
Off Campus, the TOCRC works with nine area high schools to assist in preparing high school students for the ACCUPLACER and the OGT. High Schools have the option of one of two programs. The first is the College and Career Resource Center (CCRC) and the second is the College Resource Center (CRC).
Location: The Office of College Readiness Centers is located on Sinclair’s Dayton Campus, by the Tartan Market Place, on the Upper Level of the Library (L-001).
Hours of Operation: Monday-Thursday 9 am -4 pm and Friday 9:30 am- 2 pm
Phone: 937-512-3495
Michael Gaines
Senior Director and  Coordinator of School Linkages