Parents Advancing Choice in Education
Parents Advancing Choice in Education
 PACE develops and sustains partnerships with families to help them provide quality educational opportunities for their children.

A group of local community leaders and businessmen collectively pooled their resources to improve education choices for low income families in the Dayton Community. Their goal was to make a difference in the community they lived by giving children who were less fortunate the opportunity to have a quality education of their own.

PACE began in 1998 by awarding scholarships to children in grades K-12 in Montgomery County whose families demonstrated financial need. The goal was to give families the opportunity to choose a school they wanted their child to attend.

In addition to the scholarship program, PACE established Parents Network. This program was designed to provide information for parents to assist them with their child's education. The program helps parents answer questions for parents on how to choose the best school for their child as well as how to work closely with the schools teachers and administrators.

Parents Network conducts seminars as well as provides brochures and information sheets for parents.
For more information about PACE, contact:
Carolyn E Wright
Director of Scholarship Programs
937 228-PACE (7223)
Bonnie E. Smith
Director of Programs
937 228-PACE (7223)