Persistent Scholars Program
 The Persistent Scholars Program
This service is open to any student who has been served by our on-campus ARC, off-campus CCRC and CRC, and/or referred by a current member. The program itself is an ongoing support program that encourages students to better utilize resources and better understand the ever-changing and challenging trends in both their professional and educational careers.
Furthermore, it is designed to assist students in persisting and completion of their certificate and/or degree that they enroll in and beyond. Through a number of different avenues, students will be exposed to professional development, peer interaction, instructor interaction, social cognitive and relationship skills, 1 on 1 student success planning & progress assessments, weekly study tables & resource guidance, transition into a career or 4 year university, and professional conferences such as Summer Bridge.  Summer Bridge is a wonderful program where students attend workshops, presentations, and trainings that equip them to handle the transition to campus.
Location: The Persistent Scholars Program is located in the ARC Lab on Sinclair’s Dayton Campus, by the Tartan Market Place, on the Upper Level of the Library (L-001).
Hours of Operation: Monday-Thursday 9 am -4 pm and Friday 9:30 am- 2 pm
Phone: 937-512-3490
Jeremy Dever, Persistent Scholars Facilitator