Services List


Counseling Services   
At Student Support Services, we want to help students navigate the many challenges of college, personally and academically.  In our office, over the phone, or on-line, students can get assistance with daily life problems and decisions, such as the following:   

  •  personal goals and values
  •  self-esteem concerns
  •  family and relationship issues
  •  financial stresses
  •  time management problems

We also conduct periodic workshops and provide referrals to other helpful programs.   Everyone has problems—students are encouraged to seek whatever type of counseling they feel comfortable with before problems become overwhelming. Top

Peer Counseling Assistants 
Peer Counseling Assistants (PCAs) are a popular source of guidance in our program.  They are successful students themselves and thus are able to draw from their own academic experiences to effectively advise program participants.   Such peer mentoring provides a level of intimacy and friendship that keeps students inspired, as well as involved.    

Students interested in applying for employment as a  PCA must   

  • have a GPA of 2.5 or above
  • possess strong study and communication skills
  • have been enrolled at Sinclair for at least two quarters Top

Career Planning and Exploration For students having trouble deciding on a major or career, we provide a valuable perspective through counseling and workshops. 

Resources such as personality inventories and the “CollegeEdge” Career and College Guidance System (a web-based software system) take students on a journey of self-discovery by determining interests, abilities, and values. 
Once students gain insight into their interests, as well as their strengths and weaknesses, they can discover how to apply this new-found self-knowledge in the “real world,”  thereby deciding on a career field and college major. Top

Financial Aid 
Perhaps no subject can be more urgent than finances; unfortunately, for many students, no area is more intimidating than financial aid.  For these reasons, we want to help students better understand the financial aid application process and refer them to the best sources of support.   
We guide students in searching  for a variety of financial aid resources, including those on-line. 

We assist students in completing  financial aid applications (FAFSAs).   
We also offer free tax return preparation. 

We advocate that 100% of our participants’  financial needs for school are met. Top 

College Transfer Counseling 
A primary goal of SSS participants is to attain an Associate Degree at Sinclair, then transfer to a four-year institution to complete their degree.  Consequently, we provide a wealth of information on the transfer process regarding planning and assistance.   

Our Transfer Center has college catalogues from institutions all over Ohio and its neighboring states.   

Our “CollegeEdge” Career and College Guidance System is a web-based system containing information on thousands of colleges and universities; it can even be used from your own remote terminal.   

Finally, every quarter we take interested participants on visits to four-year colleges.  Past college visitations to Wright State, the University of Dayton, and Central State University have yielded helpful information not only about the schools themselves, but also about the transfer process in general.  Check our calendar for future visits. Top

College Transfer Links 

Academic Advising 
At Student Support Services, we offer many unique opportunities for our participants to improve their academics and enhance their critical thinking skills. 

  • Study skills guides and learning style inventories are available in our office or on-line.
  • Meanwhile, periodic study skills workshops and the quarterly Early Alert Program keep students actively involved in attaining their educational goals.
  • Explaining unfamiliar college terminology, college schedules, forms, and catalogs are all services we are glad to offer, plus helping students with enrollment and guiding them in appropriate class selection for registration.
  • If needed, we can serve as liasion between students and instructors, too.
  • Finally, we can refer students to an array of other helpful services and programs. Top

Academic Succcess Assistance Program(ASAP)
By the middle of every quarter, we send progress report forms to instructors requesting evaluations of our participants’ academic performances.  Through these early alerts, we are able to pinpoint which students are in danger of failing a class before it is too late to act.  Participants review their ASAP results with staff, then discuss options for the remainder of the quarter, such as meeting with their instructor, getting tutoring, adjusting their class versus work loads, or withdrawing from a course. Top

The SSS Program is pleased to have a staff of professional tutors on-call, for walk-ins or appointments,  individualized sessions or group sessions.  Our Academic Lab is staffed by qualified, efficient Academic Coordiators Math/Sciences and English/Social sciences who are also available for assistance on-line or over the telephone.  Please feel free to e-mail them with specific questions.  Meanwhile, check our frequently asked questions (FAQs) section to see if they may already have answered your question, you are encouraged to visit our section on study skills hints. Top